[Suggestion] [Campaign] Expedition to the Cardotron Peaks

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by HD23, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. HD23

    HD23 Orc Soldier

    I like Cardstock II. You should do it again. With Cardotron.
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  2. Bearson Onyx

    Bearson Onyx Goblin Champion

    Cardstock is one of my favourites as well.
    I would hope and assume the nearest expansion includes Cardstock III, probably with cardotron-like enemies.
    The only question is : WHEN?
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  3. ClanCrusher

    ClanCrusher Hydra

    I really like the idea of a Card Hunter Campaign with a Steam-Punk theme culminating in a battle against those three monsters and their minions. Could make for a fun high-level campaign.
  4. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Since Cardstock 2 - Secret Preview is mentioned as a "beta-ish" test module in it's text description, I suggested BM would update it - to make it seem like an actual work in progress.

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