SUGGESTION: Award XP for Quest completion

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by M B Lamar, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. M B Lamar

    M B Lamar Kobold

    Since I didn't have 3 wizards, I bought one more and headed into the All Wizards quest for The Wizards Workshop.

    At the end, I got no XP. Seems like I should get XP - this is ostensibly harder than a straight adventure. Or is the rare reward in lieu of XP?

    Anyhow, it would be nice to have, to bring up the wizard for use in later all wizard challenges.
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  2. Mutak

    Mutak Goblin Champion

    The rare is instead of the XP, but i wish they gave both. Having to do it once for XP and once for items just promotes needless grinding.
  3. Forlorn

    Forlorn Orc Soldier

    Uhhhh.... low level quests do give experience to low level characters. I don't follow??/?
  4. Mutak

    Mutak Goblin Champion

    Quests are different from adventures. Quests are special win conditions (think achievements) that you go for after you've finished the campaign once. Stuff like "beat this adventure with only wizards", "beat this adventure with only dwarves", etc. If you do it then you get a random rare in addition to normal treasure but you don't get experience.
  5. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    There are quite a few "suggestion" threads, and even "bug" threads, for this very topic. Here's the most recent pile:

    Yes, as stated, quests mean giving up XP gain for rarer loot gain (and a sense of achievement). New players continue to find it weird. The reason is that Blue Manchu changed things at the beta reset so quests only unlock after you "finish the campaign." Before the beta reset, us players had been running quests to "beef up" our decks, getting the rarer items from a particular level range, and making later adventuring (for XP) easier. Today, you can't use quests to "beef up" your decks, as you've already won by that point. We discussed it here:

    And, of course, "finishing the campaign" will mean something different if they eventually extend levels up to 50. If you think it looks funny now, it will be even weirder in the future.
  6. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    OK, I guess we could change this.
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  7. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    . . . But how? To straight-up XP gain like a normal adventure?
  8. Blindsight

    Blindsight Ogre

    Is there a downside to this? I think a lot of people would want to go through the quests grooming a new adventuring party. Seems like a great way to encourage more replay.
  9. Dwedit

    Dwedit Goblin Champion

    Only problem is if you're deliberately trying to use a level 1 party because they have so few equipment slots, if they gain EXP, they're not level 1 anymore.
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  10. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    My suggestion was that quests would be available if and only if your is too high level to gain XP from the adventure. So you would have to level up your new chars first, but I've playing 3 parties since level 7, so I already have every race/class combo within 2 levels of each other.
  11. Blindsight

    Blindsight Ogre

    This would be an additional challenge, but would it really be a problem? Some quests might certainly be harder without additional slots (and some might actually be easier due to smaller decks -- haven't tested myself) but things like no player deaths seem like a pretty standard quest to be able to level up a party with. Somewhat of a 'hardcore' mode if you will.
  12. Wildghost

    Wildghost Kobold

    Very disappointed to find quests give no xp. Seemed like a great way to level up some new characters. Now, not feeling very motivated to do it.
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  13. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

  14. Forduc

    Forduc Orc Soldier

    No no no. Oh god please no.

    Getting exp from quests have limited use, as you can't level parties for "3x something" quests via quests anyway (not enough such quests). It would however force to level up some parties over and over again if they wish to remain at certain level. Lvl 4 wizard/firestorm probably being most common.
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  15. Aeldaar

    Aeldaar Kobold

    Please do not add XP gain to quests; there are reasons to have an intentionally low-level party, and forcing level gains would promote a whole lot of pointless grinding
  16. Questor

    Questor Ogre

    Please no xp for quests.

    For some challenges it is a lot easier to play lower level chars with fewer slots.

    I know its not a problem to level toons up to level 7 but it would be annoying.
  17. Turbo164

    Turbo164 War Monkey

    Potential solution I've seen mentioned in other threads: allow a character's level to be changed to any level they've obtained, but XP is earned based on their "real" (highest) level.

    So a Level 6 character could choose to be 1/2/3/4/5/6, gaining no XP from level 2 adventures no matter the choice (since he's really level 6), but having the option to do level 13 quests, and gain XP, without ruining the level 4 build, etc.
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  18. BaldwinP

    BaldwinP Kobold

    Quests should gain XP, with an option you can set for a character to not gain XP.

    This means both that people who want to keep their characters at specific levels for particular PVE setups with fewer than the full number of equipment slots can do so, AND people who want to level new characters for PVE purposes can do so while playing quests instead of having to grind the "normal" mode adventures they have already beaten.

    Alternatively, an option for people to create new level 18 characters (once they have beaten the campaign) would be a reasonable alternative.
  19. dmar314

    dmar314 Goblin Champion

    I also would not like to force exp gain for quests. Some of the 1 hp quests for example almost require low level parties because the limited equipment slots are necessary to not dilute the cards you really need for survival. I really don't want to have to spend 30 gold to buy an exact configuration of the same level 1 elf wizard party, unequip and re-equip the gear in the keep, then delete the level 2 elf wizards every time I complete a quest. (Maybe this is partially an inventory management problem but that is a huge pain in the current system and the gold cost would add up as well). Actually, having an option to just arbitrarily de-level characters once you complete campaign would be pretty amazing (and avoid a lot of the tedium involved with preparing for the hardest quests).
  20. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    I consider this part of the challenge :)

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