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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Goodwin, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Goodwin

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    I'm not sure if this thread has been created before but I decided to try creating labels of different builds of wizards, priests, and warriors to help think of new ideas.
    ALL THREE: laser build, silver-based build, various (mixture for general or versatile use), punishing build (priests can use touch of death), team movement, dodge/jump back
    WIZARDS: ice/encumber, fire (often uses instant burn), electric, arcane (often includes burst builds), movement (gusts, TK, WWE etc., sometimes employs path of knives), faraway melee (tasty tasty), terrain (stone spike, wall of flames, illusion barrier, etc.), pathfinding + ancient grudge (very specific), acid build (sometimes used with acid leak),
    PRIESTS: purge build, draw priest (inspiration, matyr blessing, sometimes uses altruism), talented healer, vampire, general healing build, frenzy build (sometimes combines wimpy and unholy frenzy), radioactive build, anti-terrain build (cleansing cards), entangling (specific build), impenetrable nimbus build
    WARRIORS: penetrating [or sunder build], hard to block [or outright warcry], multiple attack (double axe to the face, chops, berserk spin, etc.), step attacks (a lot of times elven maneuver plus bejeweled shortsword) , "pushing build" (musc. through, bash, violent spin, etc.), pure damage (sometimes arrogant armor plus 2x enormous mattock), stunning build, devastating (used with scouting run and/or elvish insight), tank builds [with armor], ready-to-strike builds, "vanilla builds" (strongarm usually), charge build
    Did I miss anything?
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  2. Sasoo8

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    For warriors, you are missing tank/armor builds like SlowComputer's reliable mail + Warrior's mace build
    You are also missing vengeance based builds, Ready to Strike builds, team move builds (stacking dash team, sprint team, team walk), and dodge/jump back builds

    For priests, you are missing nimbus builds (not that anybody but SiriusIII would use them)

    Also in response to your comments--- priests can also use punishing strikes, not just touch of death. Pure warrior damage decks don't usually use 2 strongarms.
  3. Goodwin

    Goodwin Ogre

    Vengeance itself is arguably a subcategory to silver.
    Also touch of death increases damage based upon how many cards are in the hand so it could be said to be a subcategory of "punishing" build
  4. pr0s3lf

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    charge warriors

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