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  1. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    First module I made, probably horrible.

    It was a simple job, assassinating the old, senile, lord stafford, even if according to rumors he escaped death innumerable times. You make your way to his bedroom and get ready to face him when your humble servant starts raising a series of annoying questions: "Why there is only a mercenary protecting him?" "You killed all the others, duh." " Where is his personal ogre bodyguard that "loot and legends monthly" claims living in the antechamber near his room?" " Well, that magazine has been out of production for months, clearly they hired shoddy writers. " "Why is his room so spartan, where are his immeasurable riches? " "The last group that tried to kill him probably took everything in exchange of his life." " What are these gurgles from behind the wall?" "rats." "Why are there two lords stafford and the late lord batford?" You have to admit that that is a little strange, but you decide to let it to sort out to the acquisition incorporated headhunter that wanted to recruit you . However as you put your hand on a statue(on purpose, YOU DIDN'T TRIP), it moves away revealing a third panicked lord stafford, running away and screaming: "soldiers! impersonators! dogs! keep them at bay while I open the secret passageway!"

    You never realized how similar lord stafford and lord batford looked before today, but now that you have the four severed heads in your hand (in your servant's backpack to be more precise, together with all the riches) you decide to let sort it out to the headhunter.

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  2. Vlamona

    Vlamona Thaumaturge

    First attempt, played carelessly, lost my wizard and died from time.

    Second attempt. Won. Lost no characters. Opponent was one star away from winning.

    There was several round where I just moved my characters. Tedious. You could make the level shorter. If you think that makes it to easy you could also reduce the number of victory squares the opponent needs.

    I think playing so many characters slows the game down. You have lots of characters that make you draw cards, which further slows the game down. Maybe instead of characters that make you draw cards, you could pick characters with better cards.

    I think your story is a bit long.
  3. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    I think I want a priest capable of serious healing to put the focus more on the time, and I liked a wizard with teleport since without magic attacks the staffords might get too many subtle parries .are there any better alternatives? I might cut the first mercenary and make the door( and the starting area) large enough for the ogre to enter it.
    Most of the characters past the fake stafford room were copied from a cut adventure and from the loot and legends version of it.
    Where did you pass entire turns moving? in the final corridor?

    Maybe I could cut lord batford(I like it to put some pressure on dog boy) and use an enemy door to stop the dogs from leaving the corridor.
  4. Vlamona

    Vlamona Thaumaturge

    I think I pretty much stayed in the first room until all the enemies was dead, except for some of the lords that had run to the victory squares. Then I started moving towards the victory squares.
  5. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    The flavour text here is rather cluttered, there's two people talking and they bring up a lot of topics, some of them meta and some not, so it's rather hard to follow. I'd suggest cutting it down to just two people talking about one topic or even just the servant's personal musings.

    As for the map itself, it mostly looks good though there are some details that need fixing. There's no lower doodads around the board's edge, the big plant the Ogre is in should be blocking terrain since it has a thick black outine so that should change, the beds should probably not be blocking terrain but difficult, One of the stone gargoyles has a rather odd facing, tiles with the yellow victory point underlay shouldn't be difficult or blocked and the left part of the drawer in Stafford's room has a black outline of a square on it. Putting in part of the old Stafford map is a nice touch.

    The gameplay could use some work too. I generally don't like playing as the AI MP characters used by Gary/Melvin/Karen since they're rather underpowered, have a very large deck meaning more luck of the draw and are optimized for MP meaning they don't work very well in a SP brawl with tons of enemies. Playing as them can be tedious since you can have turns of drawing only movement/blocks/armor/heals and it starts taking very long to deal with even basic enemies. Putting in a Servant to draw more cards somewhat alleviates that, but I'd rather play with interesting mobs than a gimped version of a MP party, so I suggest trying out some mobs that have interesting interactions with the map and see what you can find.
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