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  1. Master Goo

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    [21] Svitlana's Inquisition #4 also doable by Elves with Elvish Scamper

    (2x Elven Warriors with Softener and Armors and purging/healing Cleric)

    Part 1: Pure damage
    Part 2: Damage and Armor removals.
    Part 3: Scamper, purges, and block removals.
    (can go just pure damage with purges and scamper)
    Part 4: Scamper, purges, heals, armor and block removals.
    Cant say it's too easy this way, but at least it is doable.
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    There are players among us who could probably beat these adventures using naked elf wizards in 100+ rounds.
    Even if I could, I wouldn't have the patience.

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