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    "One of each" makes for all the fun items.
    Elemental Sword
    Epic Weapon
    Level 14(.5) [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mighty Hack
    Fiery Stab
    Icy Block
    Nimble Strike
    Arcane Feedback

    Staff of Force
    Rare Staff
    Level 7 [​IMG]
    Force Cannon
    Force Cone
    Force Blast
    Force Bolt
    Force Field
    Forced Rotate

    Continuing the theme, Burst staffs are always in high demand. Wizards also needs their own song.
    Legendary Staff
    Level 18 [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Radiation Bomb
    Ember Burst
    Arcane Burst
    Spreading Laser
    Big Zap

    Single-item Anti-synergy is one of my favorite game mechanisms. it makes some of the cards at top of the power curve more bearable.
    Awkward Futuristic Mail
    Epic Heavy Armor
    Level 21 [​IMG]
    Force Field
    Arrogant Armor

    There aren't many good source of Sundering Strike. Denying heal is proven to not break the game yet there aren't more of it either. So we introduce this bleeding edge technology:
    Bleeding Edge
    Legendary Weapon
    Level 17 [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Sundering Strike
    Sundering Strike
    Sundering Strike
    Sundering Strike
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    As I play back through the expansions, crafting a team from items from each release, I noticed a lack of skill involved in the creation of sky citadel.

    Space Marine
    Human Skill (majortoken)
    Laser Block
    Push The Button

    Eldar Rocketry
    Elf Skill(majortoken)
    Rocket Charge
    Rocket Dash

    Mimetic Squat
    Dwarf Skill(majortoken)
    Mimetic Crown
    Mimetic Armor

    Light Knight
    Martial Skill(majortoken)
    Laser Thrust
    Team Walk

    Racial Cleansing
    Divine Skill(minortoken)
    Genetic Engineering
    Gene Therapy
    Holy Presence

    Polar Levitation
    Arcane Skill(majortoken)
    Cooling Laser

    We're also missing an elf skill for Aloyzo's Arsenal at this point. (I suggest my previous post Parity: Warp Run, Warp Run, Vulnerable.) this evens things out between races such that each has a way to deal with attachments from the skill slot.
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