Shotgun Wedding

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    It's not easy being green. Years of aspirations of uniting the Goblin tribes have finally paid off now that you have managed to arrange a wedding between Guztuk of the Forest Goblins and Meatfist of the Bloodspear Clan. You've spent more gold than you care for to become a legally recognized marriage officiant and were even able to pester Lord Stafford into letting you use one of his churches to seal the deal. You even hired a band specializing in weddings to provide ambiance!

    Alas, just as the vows are being confirmed you hear one of the Grunts yell something about being devoured alive by a Grub. You consider mourning his loss but then realize you don't technically need any witnesses to the wedding under Cardhuntrian law and shrug. You were expecting Humans to barge in shouting about how the consolidation of the Goblin tribes was unacceptable but must admit you didn't expect them to hire a Mutant Mercenary along with his pet Bulging Egg and some scouts. The scouts seem less then eager to be escorting a Mutant given their habit of emitting Radioactive Pulses. You order the Grunts to take care of the Mutant and his Bulging Egg, urge the Goblin couple to be cautious and insist the band keeps playing.


    Who needs cunning when you have a Giant Gutter and two Meaty Goblin Fists? The wedding goes off without any further interruptions and the newlyweds partake in some delicious scrambled Bulging Egg with some Mutated Macaroni on the side. You briefly contemplate informing then of the possible health risks and then remember the average Goblin intellect and decide to stay quiet. You royally tip the band for their performance and present the king of the now consolidated Goblin tribe with the marriage gifts you prepared.

    -It's not necessary to kill the Crossbowmen and entirely possible to win without doing so.
    -Grunts are very useful for soaking up ranged attacks and low-damage attacks, so use their blocks to your advantage.
    -Guztuk and Meatfist can quickly rack up damage but if just one of them dies you lose, so be cautious as Kahzak suggests!
    -Freeing Kahzak from the clutches of the Reinforced Door will allow him to reach further with his supportive magic.
    -The Cunning Mutant prefers to fight from afar, don't expect to be able to easily lure him inside the church!

    I went through several iterations of this map, such as having the wedding be between a Goblin and a Human, having the player play as Goblins crashing a wedding between Humans and having the wedding crashers be regular humans before settling on a Goblin wedding interrupted by a Cunning Mutant.

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    There's no file.
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    He added them. Will delete once the quoted post is deleted.
    PS: message me when targeted message is deleted.
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    Did it on the first attempt with not much trouble. Got lucky, the enemies got Let's hear them out.

    I generally don't like playing groups of minions, especially such large ones. It slows the game down and it easier to keep track of fewer characters.

    Nice looking map.
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    I like it! The Goblin Grunts are actually particularly well-suited to taking on these enemies, what with their proclivity for either ranged attacks or low-damage melee attacks. I will say that I had a LOT of disposable minions for what I was facing. If you're looking to up the difficulty, the two easiest things I could imagine would be replacing the archers with melee guards, or reducing the number of grunts. If you wanted to be really cruel you'd add a Mutant Gunner. But I loved the map as is! Fun times. Could easily imagine it in MM.
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    I intentionally chose the enemies to suit the Goblin Grunts' blocks, since that way it feels like you never draw a dead card, I'm glad it was noticed. I have tried versions with Mutant Gunners, Men at Arms and some other enemies before but I found that they dealt with the Goblin Grunts too easily and made the map much harder in general. I actually have a lot of trouble with the module as it is already, my last two tries were losses. :p
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