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    For those who don't know me read the below link if you like...

    Get to the Starting Line!

    Summarising the previous post, and as you may of gathered (if you read it), my own interpretation of playing card hunter goes around like a frog-inna-blender. This is a game that has a few type of values which are (in no particular order)- Movement, Control, and Attack.

    It's secret to these things is to do all three- putting your own style in mind; making it that much more unique. In reality YOU CAN NEVER EVER BE THE MASTER OF ALL THREE, BUT YOU CAN MASTER ONE TO BEAT ALMOST ALL THREE. (shouting makes you read this bit more, cos it's really important, annddd the logic I use myself. [*coughs, eh hem*])

    Rev your Engines!

    Right what does this title mean? Cars got no business in sun tzu tactics. Well no I say! (NO!)- The first introduction to your very own D team will have a large intrepretation to how one player plays against you (often lasting the whole game).

    Say they ride a sweet R-Type, and you got yourself an Evo, the traits of each are clearly different. Opponents can tell what you drive almost in a snap. This can lead to two approaches, either because your setup is better that they use more precaution, or they feel it's worse, and throw all this caution to the wind. Most games you play will be swimming or battling with tides.

    3, 2, 1... GO!

    It's all under-the-hood stuff! You may play against a sterling angry lookin' dwarf with nothing more than dodges and armor, but you couldn't of noticed until they played something very specific. Afterall, this guy has no attacks, didn't use a single card until he reached your inner teams sanctum. Certainly, you've wasted alot of attacks on the biggest tank in game (wow! What if this guy had a martyrs blessing on him?).
    Why has it all unfolded as so? Probably no LOS to the other side of your opponents team, consciously or not, you've played easy cards without holding back. This is just an example, being pressured by the wrong character is one of the things I've seen that messes most in game.

    It's the First Straight!

    Power over counter, it's simply the best way to succeed. Whatever trickster tactics they use must be compensated. For example this oh-so dodgy dwarf has masses of flaws. Namely lack of attacks. Off the top of my head, here comes the FumbleR....

    Level 19 Dwarf Warrior

    It's a very strong design for something specific. Namely- tank- go quick to move to the best tank position- support, have some scary attacks that can only really hurt with other support or that one all out attack.
    Realistically this is nowhere near the dwarf I like myself. It's got more chance to get a horrible stab. Since he has not so much cycle, he's often lumbered with a bad draw. Things like quickness aura are good cards, but for this dwarf, they only matter on first turns or specific problems like encumber.

    BUUUTTTT---- "Woah, woah, woah! Ghostyman, I've wanted lotsa these items and this is something similar to what I'm looking for to complete my 2 wiz 1 war team! Is it really so bad?'

    Bare in mind this is an INTERMEDIATE crash course in D. It isn't a bad idea as it is, though it doesn't fulfill the true potential of a dwarf war. I feel like the main preparatory use for a warrior is on attack. You cannot get in any other class 18 solid attacks (by this I mean severe attacks) + whatever boot damage and martial skill added.
    In the speciality of tank, we can create a priest that serves purpose and some more, using mass effects of healing and maybe nimbus to get by; all-the-while having an ability of unsureness against your opponent due to a priests nature of versitility.


    Syncing with an opponents ability is the key to success. Telling if they have good hands or bad hands by how they play. The more moves they make, the more you can do. If they repeat wrong moves, abuse it. You can only really learn this sorta thing through trial and error. Elvish insight is not the way to go about knowing what happens next as good opponents will change game style if they know you know all cards.

    It's the Final Stretch! Go for it Man!

    So summary of these ideas.



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    You are a visionary. I'm so proud.
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    I don't know what's happening, but it's very exciting.
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