[Scenario] Uninvited Guests

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    Uninvited Guests


    Lord Batford has finally managed to kill the legendary giant Tvericus. To celebrate the occasion, Lord Batford is having a big feast where all his best soldiers have been invited. But little does he know that Tvericus had friends. Big friends. Friends who decide to join the feast and add Lord Batford to the menu.

    Nom nom nom.

    This is a scenario I made a week ago and almost discarded because it's a bit too simple to my liking. But after trying it out again a couple of times, it's actually a pretty fun way to blow off some steam when MP is not going your way.

    There is no real strategy involved. It's just your three big monsters versus tons of enemies. Just kill everything that moves.

    I originally had some archers dealing ranged damage, but that turned out to be too difficult, and also annoying because you had to chase them around the map.

    - Breath attacks are the key to victory. Use them early to draw out blocks.
    - Watch out for Battlerage on the Ogre (it starts next to your dragon)

    If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please let me know. Thanks.

    How to play a custom scenario

    1. Download the file (.scn) below on your computer
    2. Go to multiplayer
    3. Click "Create Custom Game"
    4. Click "Load..." and find the file you just downloaded
    5. Click "Create Game"

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