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  1. tolkien

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    Fellow Cardhuntrians,
    I need your help turning this idea into a legitimate MM scenario. I tried to insert a tag but it didn't seem to take. I would like the scenario such that the only way you can win is by standing on a victory square. I presumed that meant a nokillpoints tag but that didn't seem to work for me. Can you offer me any advice?

    Before text: It's Halloween again in Cardhuntria. Trick or Treat! It's time to acquire the greatest amount of candy for the smallest amount of effort. You and your friends have scoped out a neighborhood where the houses are small and close together but the owners are generous. You've brought your candy receptacles and your flashlights. You've told your mothers where you're going. You're going with buddies. Your only minor concern is that your costumes look really convincing. Hopefully, the neighbors will recognize that you're kids under these costumes and you're not really a gnarl, a cockroach, a skeleton, and a kobold invading their neighborhood.

    After Text:Well, that neighborhood was really generous...with arcane damage spells. You're glad you made it out of there alive and resolve never to visit that neighborhood in costume ever again. You decided to knock on a few doors on your way home, masks off this time. Oooh look what you got in your sack....

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  2. Vlamona

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    The tag is noKillPoints
    Note the capital letters.

    You also have to adjust the number of Victory Points you need. (where it says VP target.) If is set to default and there are no kill points, the first person the get a kill wins. You probably wanna set it to 2 for each player.
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  3. adajon

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    Nice scenario! I suggest that you replace the water with tavern windows; they can still be impassable terrain, and they'd probably fit in better with the style of the houses.
  4. tolkien

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    The funny thing is, blue adajon, that I had them all as tavern windows but was getting a littleconfused myself as to what was impassable and what was blocked. I have another pvp map, neighbors, where I was critiqued on this too. So i turned them all into 'plate glass windows.' Not perfect but less confusing. i'm open to either.
    Also thanks vlamona, i'll work on that fix.

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