Scenario:The Maze Of Illusions

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    Your thoughts?:D
    The Maze Of Illusions
    Prologue: One day you found out that Lord Batford was scamming you...
    Coincidentally the king himself that day asked you to help him out a little bit...
    Your mission: Silence Lord Stafford for all eternity and give back all the money stolen from the people(including you).
    Intel: Lord Stafford is hiding in the maze of... ILLUSIONS!
    You bring two of your most loyal henchmen and enter the maze..

    Epilogue : You take what is rightfully yours and gives the rest to the king.
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    The File(.scn)

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    Well first of all, copy your screenshot to here.
    I played through the map and this is ok start to a popular idea.
    To get started off I suggest cleaning up all of the tiles and adding some doodads.
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