Scenario: The Farmer's Daughters

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    The Farmer's Daughters

    Brother Arun and his two daughters live alone on a rural planet light years away. They are but simple farmers--Oh, and wizards... They're wizards, too (but farming's really more their thang). Late one night, long after the first sun had set, the farmer's daughters are awoken--


    They rush into their father's bedroom.

    "Daddy, daddy! Did you hear that?!?"

    Arun quickly and calmly lights a candle.

    "Stay here, girls."

    Arun looks out the window. A Galgran ship has crashed into the well... Again.

    "Well girls, you know the drill. We've got to shut that pump off and disable the Elder Mind."

    Half organism, half machine; a Galgran ship can not survive without proper sustenance. Dehydrated and defeated, The Elder Mind shriveled and shriveled till nothing was left but the dried husk of his pineal gland, which, by the way, makes excellent fertilizer. How do you think Brother Arun gets his prized pumpkins to grow so big?

    With no Elder Mind to control their every thought and action, the Galgran crew is left feeling aimless and wanting--and a little bit hung over.

    "Aw. They look so sad. I wish we could help them." said one of Arun's daughters.

    "I've got an idea!" exclaimed her sister.

    She signals Arun to lean down so she can whisper into his ear.

    "Pssps pspp psspsp ppss ssppss..."

    Arun smiles.

    "That is a fantastic idea! I could use a few more strong hands around here."

    Brother Arun hires the Galgran crew to work his farm. Their first job? Repairing the well.

    You can win by victory square or by killing the Elder Mind.
    Check it out! Let me know what you think. Hard? Easy? Boring? Fun? I'm all about some feedback.

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  2. Wandere

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    It's an original idea. I love your spaceship, and the house is cute. :)

    • Those Brainhooks are nasty when there are so many traits (and no heals) in play. On my second attempt, the father's hp went from 19 to 7 in the first round because of that. :eek:
    • The victory terrain square should probably be red, since it only counts for allies. I mistakenly thought I had to rush it to win.
    • You could consider adding banks to your rivers, like the ones here:

    They're under the doodads for water.

    I think it's a tricky map, but the geomancer/rumbling mutant battle is just begging to happen, so I'm all for it.
  3. SpaceDoubt

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    Hey Wandere,
    Thanks for the compliments and suggestions!

    I can beat it every time.. I think. or mostly, anyways.
    But yeah.. the father surviving is rare.

    Good call on the Victory square. I'll fix that at some point in the near future.

    I didn't put banks on the water because it's not a river, it's the overflow from the busted well.
    It was a tough call to make. It obviously looks better with banks, but I just kept coming back to, "..but if the water just started flowing, there wouldn't be banks!"
    So I don't know. heh.

    I very much appreciate you trying it out and giving me your thoughts!

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