Scenario: Monkey riddle

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    Enemies respawn

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  2. Nice scenario, a little challenging i likes it.
    I found it pretty easy to figure out what to do, but quite hard to do it.
    _First you have to steal a range 2 5+ damage attack from the teog, use 2 monkeys for it, keep the other one at full hp and wait for some acrobatic flips and or monkey mails.
    _When you stole a 5+ damage attack from the trog, kill it and place the monkey that stole his stab attack at his spawn point so that he doesn't respawn.
    _Now you have to get a fly from the storge, for maximizing your chances, he has to have several ones in hand. For that, he doesn't have to move for 2 turns (he will thus have 3 flies at the start of next turn). To prevent him from moving (he usually keeps his fly cards) move your 20 hp monkey near him and let the storge attack it for several turns.
    _Then you can steal one of his fly cards, kill the servant with the stab attack and fly to the vp.
    /!\ Be carefull the servant respawns too.
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    More monkey riddles, please. :)
  4. Happenstance

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    A monkey and a rabbit were having an argument in a room full of chairs. The rabbit bet that he knew somewhere he could sit, but the monkey could not. The monkey agreed to the bet. The rabbit won. How?

    The rabbit won by sitting on the monkey's head
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