Scenario: Deathzap & The Pygmies (feedback needed!)

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    Gethen Deathzap and his neighbors, The Pygmies, live in a quaint treetop duplex in the swamp.
    The duplex was built many years ago to provide housing safe from the crocs that lurked in the murky waters below...

    That was before they had wings...

    ...Buuuut, if you can handle the occasional swarm;
    It's quiet, the neighbors are friendly, rent is INCREDIBLY low...


    Stubborn as they may be, a croc knows he ain't much on his own.
    Disgraced and defeated, the final Coatldile slinks back into the swamp.

    "The Pygmies were good people," you think to yourself,

    "I best not let their hard-earned treasures go to waste..."


    I don't think it's particularly hard. I wouldn't be surprised if someone could keep the pygmies alive. In which case, let me know and I'll write a new ending that isn't so dark. haha!
    Try it out! Let me know what ya think! Thanks!

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