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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by neoncat, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Lots of random thoughts below.

    Any idea what "Total Value" refers to in the 'Equipment.csv" file? (SUM of the value of the cards?). When adjusted for the number of slots on an item (divide by 2 if it's a weapon) it always equals the item level (excluding a few level 1 items) or 0.5 higher than level. Looks like whoever it was (Martin?) that was trying to tie item value to level was correct.

    There are 2 Items with "Introductory Level" above 20, I suppose that means they won't drop:
    • Giant Skeletal Arm
    • St Ulrich's Bones

    Anyone discern a pattern for "Introductory Level"? It seems rather random.

    Looks like they were considering a different solution to card draw:
    • Punishing Strike - "When this card does damage, increase its damage by 2 damage for each card in target's hand."
    • Punishing Bolt - "When this card does damage, increase its damage by 2 damage for each card in target's hand."

    I would love to see this card released:
    • Purging Burst - Destroy all enemy controlled cards attached to character in burst. <u>Burst 1</u>
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    Looks like my reverse engineering was a near-perfect spot on!

    Stuff I predicted:

    - Item level is determined by the quality of the cards that are included
    - Each quality step equals 3 levels, starting with paper at zero
    - Level 1 is rounded up
    - For 6 card items, the level is equal to half value (rounded down!)
    - Some cards have different values by item: Looks like this is determined by what class the item is assigned to! See the Quality, Quality Warrior, Quality Priest, Quality Wizard columns in cards.csv.
    Typical examples are Shimmering Aura (standard bronze, but paper for warriors and clerics) and Dodge (standard bronze, but silver for clerics and gold for wizards - strangely, this means it counts as gold on elf skills!?)
    - Some items have a +1 bonus or penalty to the level: see the "plus minus" column

    - How to read the card quality: AAA is sapphire, AA is emerald, A is gold, B is silver, C is bronze, D is paper, E is black
    - Cards appear to have limits regarding what slots they are allowed on. (See the slots column) -> Hey, maybe we'll see legendary items with cards in unusual slots after all some day!
    - The mystery of Wimpy explained: its standard quality is paper, but it counts as black on Warrior items. Since it's only found on weapons and helmets, it's a paper card on paper only...

    "Introductory level" is usually just half item level. Giant Skeletal Arm and St. Ulrich's Bones are treasure hunt drops. It's interesting that these won't drop in usual play.
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    Cool. I looked over the API but havent poked at it yet. It seems to be really limited to do statistical work on it. You are only allowed 150 queries per hour and each queries only returns a max of 25 counts. I guess the best thing we could do on it atm is to get some random sample (small sample size too due to mentioned limitations) of battles and look at the race/class and item distributions.

    Also it appears that the /item and /characters are both down atm...
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    Good job!
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    Official explanation:

    Not all the data is up-to-date or accurate, largely cos it contains development stuff that is subject to change. For instance, Massive Chop is supposedly assigned to Weapon and Divine Weapon slots. There are no weapons as yet with MC.
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    It is possible to create a list of all items in your inventory by combining the data in Equipment.csv and the inventory listing from Farbs' console hint here.

    When you put the F1 log in "verbose" mode and open the deck builder, a list of all your item IDs is shown in the log. Using this I was able to very easily determine I currently have 4,454 total items.
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    How are you getting the count? I expect you're exporting the list to excel, but I can't figure out the command to copy it out of the console.
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    You can use the mouse to click+drag then right-click Copy. Or just type in "clip" to get everything in the console (for this you may want to type "cls" before entering the Keep to clear the console).
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    I just click somewhere in the log and press Ctrl-A (the Windows shortcut for Select All) and Ctrl-C. I paste the log into Excel and select all the cells containing the item IDs. The cell count is automatically displayed in the bottom right of the Excel window (if not, right click the empty area of the bottom bar and select Count). The free LibreOffice Calc has the same functionality (used the same way) if you don't have Excel.

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