RPG table top game. And other thoughts.

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  1. So, I'm sure 1000000000000 other people have talked about this but, WHEN are they going to start making the table top role playing game. I for one am a veteran D20 system table top role player, and i would love.....LOVE to see this game as a tabletop role playing game. It would be an amazing adaption to the standard role playing game systems (most being D20 or other DICE games) it could be affordable as it could be produced in modules of 20-30 dollars each even some being 10 dollar miniature box sets with some tile maps . Which would help people build up there stock of models (flat plastic pieces just like in the computer game) and give them maps. Just saying kickstarter.

    AS for the other thoughts they should really implement colored text in the battle log of the cards being used. Mainly ones you have seen and are not new. So gray text, blue text, and so on. It would really just be a simple change that makes finding the cards you want to read easy and fast. Also not not locking movement in sometimes clicking on a card isn't and intentional action, I hate clicking movement and then going shoot wrong one, however your locked into your selection.

    Just some thoughts. What does everyone else think.
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    Lots of threads about this on the forums ^____^

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