[Request] Modest API or more logs for prospective CH utilities

Discussion in 'API' started by Pyrious, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Pyrious

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    I am and I have been interested in making various CH-related utilities, but there have been some barriers to their creation.

    Utility: Battle reconstructor / replayer that works by parsing verbose logs.

    Issue: Verbose logs are only messages sent from server to client, so half the game is missing. It seems possible to have a 3rd party spectate and get the whole picture, but that's not convenient and I've shelved the progress for now.

    Solution: Include messages sent from client to server in verbose logs.

    Utility: Integrated guild chat bot: CH account named Guild Chat that, upon receiving a PM, looks up that player's guild & that guild's other players (by scraping meta site), then forwards the PM to all online guild members, effectively serving as a real guild chat by proxy.

    Issue: While PMs received can be tracked via the logs*, there's no obvious way to send a PM programmatically.

    Solution: A small API for sending PMs on behalf of a logged in client. This would also open up the possibility for various support bots, like an item info bot.

    * This can't be done on Linux because logs are not saved locally unless you use Steam, and Steam CH does not support Linux. This also can't be done on Windows (rinco69 and I have tried). It seems that it can only be done on OS X via Steam.
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  2. BlackVoidDeath

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    Utility: Party join or casual battle bot, which on creating a few CH accounts can be programmed to spam a specific user lots of invites so that the window does not have time to load before it sends another invite and refreshes it, moving the box to the top. Invite then decline invite then invite again loop. The player will not be able to block any of the bots as the window will not properly load the buttons for them. Then sit back and relax watching their clock tick down.
    Could be especially useful to wipe out BoG members in the last days of a season down from 1st place.

    Issue: I am too lazy to look into it, even though I could probably make it judging by how much the api provides.

    Solution: Blackmail Pyrious into making it for me.

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