Request and Suggestion: Stock/Restork Skarl's Seconds

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    For the reasons including those below, I think it might be a cool idea for Knight of Unity to do some "Branding" by making new unique copies of Rare, Epic and Legendary treasures to always keep and re-appear in Skarl's Seconds that we can buy... you know... something that might match it's "Brand" both graphically and via the name of the treasures.

    I hate to have more than 499 gold, because it means I can accidently equipt an Epic or Legendary I already own from a store, costing me a loss of either 480 gold, or 2400 gold on the purchase vs. return price respectively.

    Normally, I just buy back Treasure from Skarl's Seconds, but it's been emptied not too long ago, and now I have over 2500 gold due to the Loot Fairy Madness.

    Obviously, the best thing would be to not empty Skarl's so often or so much...

    But alternately, maybe there could be some treasure restocked in Skarl's automatically all the time?!?!?

    Until there are some new treasures, maybe just pick one each of a Legendary, Epic and Rare treasure to keep there all the time, so it doesn't throw the game balence off with respect to making it too easy to collect all the treasure from set(s).

    Thanks. :)
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