Ready To Strike vs. Nimble Strike Bug?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Haiku 7, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Haiku 7

    Haiku 7 Kobold

    So I was watching this game and a Dwarf warrior with low HP used Nimble Strike to attack the opposing team's Elf warrior.

    The Elf warrior had Ready to Strike (it became revealed when the Dwarf moved next to the Elf), which activated and killed the attacking Dwarf warrior.

    The Dwarf warrior was removed from play and discarded most of his cards; however, the Nimble Strike remained in his hand and the screen had the little banner that said "no <whatever> targets" (can't recall the exact wording of the message right now, lol).

    The game was stuck like that until the 2.5 minute timer ran out for the team with the Dwarf warrior, and the Elf warrior's team won the match.

    I wonder if this happens with any other step attack?
  2. OldManNordmed

    OldManNordmed Kobold

    I ran into an issue with Laser Thrust, where it wouldn't allow me to select the low health opponent. It almost acted as if I had "squeamish" attached to me, which wans't. I can also confirm I hadn't held down the <ctrl> button when I started the move.

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