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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Will-, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. SystemIsDown

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  2. Bandreus

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    Healing Hand Mace: 2 major tokens might seem much. But still, this is only one of 2 divine weapons coming with 2 Mighty Bludgeons. Your opponent won't usually expect a priest to deal 14dmg unbuffed. Shredding Strike is is the bane of every heavily armored character. Also Team Heal, although situational, is an awesome card. Couple it with Healing Spirit to heal a whooping 12hps. The fact this items makes your priest a better healer and capable of dealing some serious punishment should explain why it's so costly on the tokens side.

    Helm Of Alacrity : it's a helm built for pure mobility. I have one already. I don't use it much these days, although I can easily see me incorporating it in a mobility-centric build.

    Sprint, Team! is obviously yummy. Rushing Aura is a very powerful card. Makes a dwarf as swift as an elf, or an elf able to cover half the map in one move. Retreat is situational, but cards like those can easily save your game if you happen to draw it at the right time. I would definitely buy that, given it's 100g only.

    A number of other helmets come attached with Sprint, Team!, and all of them require a minor power token only. Forrtescue's Feathered Cap being the shiny object of desire, given it also has an equally yummy Dodge. It would cost you 25 times as much too!

    Tempest Robes: I hate WWs. Please don't buy that one :p

    Vibrant Plate: I think most would undervalue such an item. 50% chance at absorbing 3 damage is actually decent. And the Dynamic Armor can essentially be sacrificed for a dash. This is the only item in the game granting 2 of them too. Again, a mobility oriented item. At 100g I would buy this one too.
  3. piotras

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    Hmm, I'm not really that excited about my selection this week. Got one legendary (Kazmir's Staff), but I'm not that interested in it. However, there are some things worth considering - boots! :p

    Red Jon's Boots
    Mouse Boots

    500 each, but perfect for my mage and spear-wielding priest and any potential stabber builds in the future, no power tokens!

    When it comes to other stuff, I'm not sure what to get really. After buying both boots I'll be left with around 750 gold + whatever I manage to grind this week.

    Things I think are good to buy (1k gold)

    Frosty Staff - 100, it's cheap and would nicely complement my Staff Of Winter and Sub-zero Staff, not sure if I prefer it over the stuff I already got, i.e. cones with 6 range can do as much harm as good, while Maze and Force Bolt works well in my deck

    Major's Helmet - 500, got one, but still worth the buy for any future pure-warrior builds

    Gouging Helm - 100, nice step helmet, cheap, no power tokens nor drawbacks! (unusual for rare, non-token helmets that I own at least)

    Shuddering Relic - 100, Mass Frenzy, no power tokens

    Incense Of The Nether Fog - 100, nice, got 2 already but I will buy a 3rd if I get the gold at the end of the week

    Perfect Command - 100, perfect, the main reason I take up humans into my team! :p three of those on three human warriors and you'll outrun elfes easily

    These might be still worth it, but I'm not sure...

    Frozen Shield - 500, looks good, but I find it hard to leave a major power token for a shield slot and I've already got other to choose from (Slippery Shield, Magnetic Shield)

    Madman's Maul - 100, 2x Mass Frenzy sounds great, Violent Overswings aren't bad, Raging Strike is my personal least favourite, but still worth looking into

    Ettin's Club - 500, I love Lunging Bash, it's a must for any basher builds if you ask me (stuff like: Basher's Delight), but I'm a bit undecided, bashers lack damage output and I would rather take some spear attacks for one or two minor power token to supplement a basher build rather than throw more weak attacks into the mix

    Armor Of Negation - 500, Arrogant Armor on a dwarven warrior sounds great, but on a priest sounds like a waste to me... I much more prefer Mail Of Succor or Mail Of The Martyr which I already own

    Coruscating Mail - 500, nice armor, but not sure if I need it

    Superb Evasion - 100, not sure, looks good, but I haven't played with elfes much

    Focused Electromancy, Focused Impaling, Focused Pyromancy - 100 each, good stuff, I wish it was focused healing though... maybe next week :)

    Greasy Tome - 100, nice, but I prefer Shuddering Relic above

    Hurricane Stone - 100, got one, can get another one if I ever feel like my life lost meaning and my only ambition is to make cheesy builds in CH till I die
  4. Annieslover

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    Thanks for the advice, I ended up buying both of them.

    The Sprint, Team! is too hard to resist for my 2 warrior 1 priest party so I decided to buy The Helm Of Alacrity. But the fact that it requires a power token makes no slot left for other items so I still struggle to find the optimal equipment combination.

    As for the Healing Hand Mace , I am quite happy with the purchase, cannot count how many times it saves me in MP today with that Mighty Bludgeon :)
  5. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    Yes, depending on your playstyle, that's a very good weapon. A healer/buffer doesn't really go toe-totoe with the enemy right from the start, especially if you go double warrior, so chances are you'll draw a mighty bludgeon by the time the holy man is needed at the front lines. Or to punish a greedy opponent getting too close ;)

    I'm pretty sure you can live with spending a major token on the helm. While you'll likely need to give up something good for it, some pretty awesome token-free items certainly are there to be found. And anyways, one of your warriors will probably be able to make in whatever area the other is lacking.
  6. hatchhermit

    hatchhermit Hydra

    Again no legendary items for me, but there are some epics that look interesting:

    These two look like must buys.
    Bec De Corbin
    Bloody Bracelet

    These two I'm unsure of:
    Whiteglow Flail
    St. Glist's Charm

    As for rares, I have the opportunity to get another Shielding Token, but I may hold off on that. Patchwork Storm Plate and Stormward Pauldrons are extremely similar and both look good going up against the demon portals. I also have access to Tough Leather Cap. This one I really want as that'll give access to three All Out Attack cards on my human warrior. And lastly, Wallbuilder's Staff looks like it could be fun, but may be useless overall.
  7. Guises

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    I have two of these from random drops. I was so excited when I got the second one, said to myself "Aw, yeah. Now I'm going to have a warrior who dances around all my opponents, smacking them around a bit, leaping back, pushing them off me, hitting from a distance." Didn't work out that way. There are two problems: one is that dodges are great in the sense that they're reusable blocks, but you can still only carry two cards with you from round to round. So the fact that they're reusable isn't as handy as I thought it would be. The other problem is that your weapon only has three attacks on it. They're okay, but they're not great big attacks - using Bec De Corbins just cut down on my damage output by too much.

    The lesson I took away from this was that weapons are your only practical source of attacks and so if you're going to do decent damage then every spot on your weapon that you give up to some other skill needs to really matter. Ideally, all of your defense should be coming from your defensive equipment, not from your weapons.

    Oh, also: dodge only works when your warrior is targeted, so they don't work against AoEs. Those sweeping attacks that the ogres use, for example, can't be dodged. I didn't realize that before I tried this.
  8. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    I have the Mouse Boots and those have been a mainstay in most of my builds. Not sure if I would buy Red Jon's Boots in addition to those too. I mean, if you really need Flanking Move that badly, starting to save up for a pair of Juniper's Boots instead might be a good idea I guess.

    I wouldn't buy the Shuddering Relic. While Mass Frenzy on a no-tokens items seems nice, Vunerable is an horrible card to have on your priest. Well, that's only me, maybe.

    Perfect Command = must buy even if that means giving up on some other item.

    Otherwise I see lots of good stuff in there in your list, but it all revolves around what is that you really need. I wouldn't be so eager spending all of my remaining gold for "Items I might need for builds I could use. eventually". I would only buy things too good to pass on, and save up as much as I can.

    Imagine if, coming next week, Randimar's held some once-in-a-lifetime legendary for sale and you couldn't afford it cause you bought a bunch of items you didn't really need...

    Nice items indeed. Randimar's actually got a Bec De Corbin for me two weeks ago, but I was very fought about it and ultimately passed on it. The Stormward Pauldrons is definitely better than the other divine armor, mainly because the Weakened Armor doesn't trigger if attacked from behind.
  9. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    Shuddering Relic is actually a pretty decent item. It gets you a mass frenzy for no talent cost, and a good life drain attack which pairs really well with a mass frenzy strategy. The vulnerable trait is, in my opinion, one of the better negative traits to live with. For a no token item, you almost prefer 2 good cards and a negative trait so long at the trait isn't really bad. It shrinks your deck and can be used on the neg trait quests.

    If you don't want to (or can't) spend power tokens, it's this or Greasy Tome (or Bleneth's Frenzy Charm if you're lucky). Personally I prefer the relic, mainly because the life draining attack card is pretty solid with a mass frenzy active.
  10. smeata

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  11. tempo

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    Silly me. I've only just discovered that different people see different items in Randimar's Rarities! Here are the legendaries that showed up for me this week:

    Aork's Vial Of Memories: 2500 g
    Apprentice Stoutness: 2500 g
    Bendolth's Pauldrons: 2500 g

    The only one of these I would consider using is Aork's Vial of Memories. This would be super for the level 16 Citrine Demon Portal stage.

    I have no dwarves, so Apprentice Stoutness is not useful to me. And even if I did, I would still rather use something with Hardy Mail or Thick Hide Armor. Having Duck would be cool, but I don't think that alone makes this worth it.

    Bendolth's Pauldrons looks like a protective cup. :eek: As a level 6 item, I think this would have been useful if I had found it along the way while playing SP for the first time. Not so much once you've found higher-level armor.
  12. Bandreus

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    Oh yeah, that definitely is a good item. Sorry if I used a tone which sounded otherwise.

    I guess my opinion is because I am mainly a MP player, and Vulnerable can easily be what decides if your priest is going to last one more turn in there. The priest usually is one of the primary targets in most matches, so yeah, I would rather prefer not to bring a negative card like that if at all possible.

    The "I wouldn't buy it" was literal: I really wouldn't. But that doesn't mean anybody else shouldn't.

    Shuddering Relic indeed is one of the few items granting you a Mass Frenzy for no token, and the draining card is pretty sweet too.

    Now, if I could put my hands on a Bleneth's Frenzy Charm :rolleyes:
  13. hatchhermit

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    Thanks for the insight on the Bec De Corbin, Guises. It makes a lot of sense and I'd hate to waste 500g on a weapon I'd end up not using.
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    Here's my weekly contribution to the thread that currently seems the most exciting one around, love the item discussion in here.

    Mindshrinker (2500 g) - this is nothing I will be able to afford with my current economy, but what a great item! Especially that many Mind Worms on one item alone, could make for an interesting build.

    Magma Scepter (500 g) - for that elusive volcano. I might be able to pick this up this week, might be the priority.

    Basher's Delight (500 g) - I really want to resurrect my olf Bash Bros build, I used to call Fantasy Golf, and considering the next item available maybe the game is telling me something.

    Hammer Of Bashing (100 g)

    A lot of other juicy stuff, but I can't bear to post all the great stuff I can't afford to buy! Heh.
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  18. To Sum Yu

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    Can anyone give me some advice on which to buy? i am not sure if they are useful and worth the money.

    Slippery Shield - 100G i saw some people recommending this.
    Mouse Boots - 500G Flanking Move looks good for mage.
    Inspired Command - 100G Inspirational Thinking looks good and i dont have any useful human skill, however it requires a major token.
    Lightfoot Robes - 500G Flanking Move again but i think Resistant Hide is also useful
    Nimbus Blade - 500G i like Impenetrable Nimbus
    Greyworm Mace - 500G is Mind Worm a good card?
    Hrillia's Healing Ring - 500G Team Heal looks good but it requires major token.
    Focused Electromancy and Lizard Fryer - 100G each , three Spark Generator sound powerful, but lizard fryer is the only staff i can found having six spark attacks

    sorry for so many questions.:oops:
  19. Bandreus

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  20. Gentlecow

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    Slippery Shield is so good. And flanking moves are also epic. I would buy those three in a heartbeat.
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