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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Will-, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Aldones

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    Usually the multiples just get abandoned; it's just a one-time early advantage technique, so once you find what you want there's no incentive to keep doing it. It's sort of the equivalent of starting a D&D game over and over until the random stat generator lets you luck out and roll 4 18s. Actually, that's a pretty accurate analogy, since gear more or less substitutes for character stats in this game.
    The problem usually goes away whenever the equivalent of randimar becomes too much of a time investment to get to over and over, like Bandreus said. I've been trying to think back and remember exactly how long it took me to get it unlocked. I know it sounds like worrying over nothing, but I can't believe how many games I've played where the devs had to make an announcement "Stop rerolling new accounts, it's clogging up our game."
    I'm not saying it's a good idea. I think it's stupid. I've just observed that if it's possible, there will be a couple dorks who will do it because they've convinced themselves they've unlocked a secret technique that gives them an amazing advantage over the rest of us.
    I'm ready to concede that we're probably pretty safe from that here, though, so thanks for the replies and I'll stop distracting from the OP.
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    Also, people are not taking into account the lvl vs shop prices - so if even if people rolled with multiple accounts, the gold rates would be horrible if you didn't level past unlocking the shop. Can't really see the point tbh.

    And yes, let's get back on topic! Reset time coming soon ;)
  3. Bandreus

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    That's called bad game design.

    Look at it this ways, videogames are systems, and human beings are means used to find exploits in those systems. In all seriousness, gamers will abuse whatever path of least resistance can be found. There's nothing inherently right or wrong with that, nor stupid, if you ask me.

    To this end, I think Blue Manchu did a good job with assuring as little as possible is exploitable in order to get more/better items than you're supposed to via regular play.

    You need to complete exactly 5 adventures before Randimar's is unlocked (counting the introductory Greenfang's one). So yeah, nothing to worry about imho.

    Yeh, that's what I meant. You would need to grind the first 5 adventures like a madman to score an item you like. Then race to maxlevel in under a week to both access the minimum prices and farm the gold you need. Impractical to say the least. I wouldn't lose my sleep on this.

    And yep, this is pretty much OT, but it's not like we had much to discuss. Luckily enough lots of tasty legendary/epics to consider buying :rolleyes:
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  4. Bandreus

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  6. karadoc

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    I did end up buying that perplexing horn from last week, so I'm quite poor now. Fortunately I there aren't any powerful legendaries in the shop this week to taunt me. The only legendary is Bimson's Glowstone Robes, which is a weak item, and I already have it...

    There are bunch of epics. Some of them are weak, like Ajan's Glowing Vial, which I also already have... But there are a few that I think are tempting:
    Staff Of Freezing Fire
    Mouse Boots
    Stookster's Amulet
    Superb Stoutness
    Wedge Shield
    and there are still more... I think I'll be lucky to afford just one or two of those by the end of the week, so I probably shouldn't worry to much about it right now.

    For the rares, there are a couple of good ones that I'll probably get, including Gauntlets Of The Giant and Shuddering Relic.
  7. smeata

    smeata Mushroom Warrior

    I finally picked up my first Slippery Shield , need some advice on the rest of this stuff though. I only really play single player.
    Skull Of Savage Iljin: Inspiring Presence on a no token item seems nice but I don't know if I would use Savage Curse.
    Inkdark Halberd: Again, Inspiring Presence but it is 2 tokens.
    Raging Rock: This seems like a PVP item and I don't like PVP.
    Staff Of Freezing Fire: I don't have much freeze but it is 2 tokens and Brain Burn can be painful.
    Staff Of Immolation: Ember Burst is nice but I don't know if I would use the sprays, and it is 2 tokens.
    Staff Of Pain: I have no idea if this is good or not
    Vigun's Blessed Blade: 3 Strong Hacks on a 0 cost item seems pretty nice.
    Savvy Attacker: Team Run looks nice.
    Apprentice Flexibility: People are always saying how nice Flanking Move is, and retreat looks useful.
    Incense Of The Nether Fog: Mass Frenzy and a couple of draws, looks nice, is it worth the token?
    Infernal Boots
    Prickly Boots
    Shielding Token
    Smoke Pin
    Superb Insight
    Tome Of The Tree

    I would really like some opinions on this stuff, sorry about listing so many items but there are a lot of things this week that look borderline to me.
  8. Kalin

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  9. Andrew Talbot

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    Skull is good imo, but then I saw a wizard use one to good effect.
    Prickly boots possibly decent, but it's a mixed bag of stuff there.
    Shielding token is fun, but I do admit to my Cleric being the most starved for item/orbs it seems.
    Blessed Blade looks nice, depending on the price.
    Got some of my own to ask about.

    Focused Healer : 100 gold (really want this but it takes cash away from...)
    Kelvin's Chunk Of Ice: 2500 (worth it?)
    Gaudekki's Orb 500g
    Dependeble Mail: 100g
    Infused Greatclub: 100g (seems to be a fav here)

    Wow, nice item!
  10. Guises

    Guises Goblin Champion

    These both look good to me, particularly the boots. I'm not sold on the Stoutness, and definitely not the shield. You can do much better than that shield for less money, for example: Chilled Buckler, Rusty Buckler.

    From your list, the ones that I think are buyable are: Raging Rock (good for everything on a dwarf warrior or maybe a priest, not just PvP), Staff of Freezing Fire (frost is more for PvP, but it's still useful in single player), Prickly Boots, Shielding Token, Superb Insight (if you use elves and don't already have a bunch of these... for some reason I have so many), Tome of the Tree (entangling roots is better for PvP, but still useful).

    Some people really like this. Since the nerf I don't see it any more, but maybe someone else can chime in about how this can be used to good effect. I know that draining attacks count as heals as far as the trait is concerned, so maybe that's how people are using it.

    For your others, I'd pass on the chunk of ice. I'm not such a fan of Cone of Cold, I just find it's too hard to make it effective while keeping my own guys out of the way. Frost Jolt for me. For the orb... maybe? I don't know about Firestorm, think it's mostly for farming.

    Myself, I currently waffling about a Heavy Mace. It seemed pretty good before I saw that Dark Drewg's Mace...
  11. RizPrime

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    A handful of interesting items at Randimar's for me this week. I recently completed the campaign and a handful of quests. I'm looking to become highly involved in multiplayer.

    I picked up Slippery Shield from today's reset seeing as it's highly recommended on this thread and elsewhere. Advice and opinions for the following would be greatly appreciated. :)

    Tough Leather Cap 100g : I've seen this in a few MP builds around the forums.
    Steel Boots Of The Bull 100g : Requires a Major Power Token so I'm on the fence.
    Focused Healer 100g : Lots of good Focused Class Skills this week. Need help prioritizing.
    Focused Electromancy 100g :
    Focused Impaler 100g :
    Focused Slicing 100g :
    Dashing Boots 100g : For high movement MP teams? Current rotation of MP maps looking like it would be beneficial.
    Dependable Mail 100g : Reliable Mail is always good. The 2x Reliable Mail however..
    Burnished Plates 100g : Hmmmm
    Blood Locket 100 g : I tend to dislike items with drawback cards as I feel it's a waste of a draw, but I've seen this used as an alternative to Sky Locket which I regretfully passed on last week :(

    Healing Hand Mace 500 g : Has 6 great cards. Is it worth the Power Tokens and gold?

    And now for the legendaries

    Aork's Vial Of Memories 2500 g: Useful when fighting wizards. Too situational?
    Juniper's Boots 2500 g : This one I'm really torn on. I've seen the value of Flank Move while I've spectated. Is the extra copy worth it over Mouse Boots which only has 2 but no power token requirement?

    Suffice it to say those boots have got me holding out on the rest of the items I listed, for now.

    Edit: Fixed item links & spacing.
  12. Astropsica

    Astropsica Kobold

    I read earlier that you could get slippery shield for 100? is that right? I see one in my shop for 800...
  13. RizPrime

    RizPrime Kobold

    Prices in the shop are dependent on your character's levels in single player. The greater the level difference between your characters and the item, the greater the price.
  14. smeata

    smeata Mushroom Warrior

    What he said. You have a week before the stock changes out though so you can just clear some more campaign levels and bring the price down.
  15. Astropsica

    Astropsica Kobold

    Oh okay, thanks guys, much appreciated info.
  16. pliers

    pliers Goblin Champion

    5/5 Randimar's without a single legendary for sale.
  17. kogi

    kogi Ogre

    Focused Healer 100g : Works well with all the life suck cards like Invigorating Touch
    Blood Locket 100 g : Squeamish is a very benign drawback. Making this a great item for control burn wizards

    Aork's Vial Of Memories 2500 g: Yes Too situational for the price
    Juniper's Boots 2500 g : I would love this item
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  18. Buy the skull. The best item for a firestorm deck and generally awesome.

    Next on my list would be shielding token. Inkdark halberd is also very nice and staff of freezing fire is great for the drawback quests. The others are nothing special for SP. Buy them if you feel they could fit into one of your builds.
  19. Annieslover

    Annieslover Kobold

    can someone suggest what items are worth buying for me ? my budget is a little bit short right now. I am considering those :

    Bern's Untouchable Mail : 2500g: Does arrogant armor also neglect frenzy buff from my priest ?
    Healing Hand Mace : 500g : 2 power token seem too much for me.
    Jygpin's Healing Ring : 500g
    Staff Of Glowing Coals : 500g
    Helm Of Alacrity : 100g : sprint team is yummy , but not sure if it's worth the power token.

    Command 100g, also has sprint team but the only downside is slowed.

    Shadow Spear 100g

    Tempest Robes 100g
    Vibrant Plate 100g
  20. The Mask Makers

    The Mask Makers Mushroom Warrior

    These two are very nice. I'd die to have my hands on them. :(
    And arrogant armor neglects all attachments, friends and foes alike. But I don't use buffs that often so it's fine.

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