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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Will-, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Aiven

    Aiven Orc Soldier

    Thanks guys :)
  2. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

  3. Armoek

    Armoek Mushroom Warrior

    Yeah arrogant armor is pretty good at the higher multiplayer rankings where so many players will use frost or path of knives to kill warriors. You probably want to level up before you buy it though as at level 18 all epics cost only 500 gold I think. Dragonslayer sword is a guaranteed from one of the adventures you can unlock so it isn't very good in my opinion, there are many common and uncommon weapons at the level 17-18 level you can get from farming the last few adventures that are better.
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  4. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    Oh snap, I never noticed stuff gets cheaper as you level up. Luckily enough I'm reasonably close to lvl 18 already.

    Thanks Armoek for all the good tips ;)
  5. Aiven

    Aiven Orc Soldier

    That plate will be great for multiplayer, wish I had it :)
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  6. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    I bought the Emperor's Plate after finally hitting lvl 18 in campaign today. Good thing Armoek gave me the heads up about how items pricing works, else I would have surelly skipped on that.

    Can't wait for Randimar's restock. Hopefully something else worth grabbing will show up.
  7. karadoc

    karadoc Hydra

    It's almost crunch time, and I still haven't decided if I should buy Farzil's Perplexing Horn. It's an interesting item which I'd like to have, but I don't expect to actually use it in the near future and I only have around 1000g. It would be pretty bad if I bought it and then had to miss out on some really cool legendary next week because I couldn't afford it -- but on the other hand, it would suck if I didn't buy it and then I finally started getting legendary treasures but had nothing to spend them on! (I haven't found any legendary treasures at all so far. I've got heaps of legendary items, but no L. treasure.)

    St. Xarol's Axe also looks tempting.
  8. kogi

    kogi Ogre

    Farzil's Perplexing Horn Personally think it's an awesome MP item for wizard, but if you don't use it then don't waste the money

    St. Xarol's Axe For me more of a SP item. Useful for large mobs.
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  9. Eusix

    Eusix Orc Soldier

    I highly recommend Farzil's.
    I have one and always find a token for it.
    To be able to neuter a warrior just as he steps up to your wizard is fantastic.

    I just hope Randimar's has something for me tomorrow. 7k gold waiting...
  10. progammer

    progammer Ogre

    Just a reminder, there's another legendary that has 3 Short Perplexing Ray. Decide carefully if your money is better spent on that.
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  11. Alamand

    Alamand Kobold

    New player here, only 1 adventure left to go till I can buy Master's Battleaxe that I've been eyeing since I started playing, but is it worth it? My warrior is specialized in chops but they don't seem like they'd be as viable for multiplayer so it would mainly be a level 16+ campaign farming item.

    The only other item that seems good is St. Amarack's Cudgel, having mass frenzy on such a low level item seems great for farming no power token items even if there are 2 twin heals on it. Or should I just save my 500 gold for after the reset and hope for something better?

    I also have Chartwell's Ring in there which looks amazing but sadly I have nowhere near enough to buy it.
  12. Guises

    Guises Goblin Champion

    I really like St. Xarol's. When I do low level adventures I use one of those and a Malign Mace and my priest often outdamages my warrior.

    I'd buy the axe. It's strong, versatile, seems like a lot of fun. The only hesitation for me is that for two orange tokens there are other weapons (example: Bejeweled Shortsword) that are also very good and much cheaper/easier to come by.

    Pass on the cudgel, that's junk. One good card is not worth filling your deck with garbage.
  13. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

  14. kogi

    kogi Ogre

    The only good card on there is Mass Frenzy, Problem is the other 5 crappy cards pollute your deck. Depending on your build items like Field Medic's Pike , Healer's Spear , Axe Of The Dark Soul would be more cost effective
  15. Alamand

    Alamand Kobold

    I was purely looking at the cudgel as a good item for farming low level adventures as a way to get more decent no power token items, I already have 2 St. Olf's Fiery Pike that I tend to use on higher levels. I ended up going with the Battleaxe though since chops seem so useful for farming. I was actually tempted to buy pizza to convert into gold to get Chartwell's Ring until I realized how absolutely horrible the conversion rate is, guess I'll have to put off my dreams of mass firestorming for awhile yet.
  16. Aldones

    Aldones Ogre

    Something I hadn't really thought about, but this discussion really drives home, is the fact that the selection seems to be different for each of us, rather than a single weekly Legendary that we're all racing to get.
    What bothers me, is that in other games I've played where there was a single chance at something once per week, if players didn't like what they saw then they just rolled a new free-to-play account. Why bother wasting your first week farming toward something crappy when you can make your first week a guarantee, right? These games have a tendency to get jammed with a ton of unused accounts that eat up all the available player names lickity split. It may seems silly, but some people will just make sure they get the best item in the game on week one using this strategy.
    Has anyone addressed this possibility?

    I got the Staff of Embers in mine, coincidentally. Guess the shop resets in a few hours though so I'll just pretend it isn't there...
    Also picked up Superb Stoutness.
  17. Forduc

    Forduc Orc Soldier

    None of those have Mass Frenzy. And all of them require two tokens making them much worse. Ofc depends fully what you are building, but stabs are almost as bad as Bludgeon and definetely not worth losing Mass Frenzy and two tokens. EDIT: IF you plan going to range 1 and stealing life

    But well, cudgel is decent for attacking priest. Mainly depends whether or not you have enough Mass Frenzy otherwise.
  18. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    I don't see this as a serious issue really. I.e. you can't really fire up a new account, check Randimar's and then go grind gold like there was no tomorrow to snatch the item of your liking. Not in a easily repeatable in little time fashion.

    Randimar's isn't even available to you until you beat what, 5 adventures or something? And even if you're willing to go the distance, how many attempts would you need for a significant chance at scoring exactly that one item worth the effort? And even then, be prepared for a few days worth of grinding because, you know, you only have a few days to amass the needed gold before Randimar's restocks.

    So yeah, a huge time commitment there for a dubious advantage.
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  19. Andrew Talbot

    Andrew Talbot Mushroom Warrior

    I have to agree with Bandreus here. I don't think the time investment is worth it to 99.9999% of people out there to do something like that.
  20. piotras

    piotras Goblin Champion

    Exactly. Also, a single legendary won't make a good deck. Given that there is no trading in the game, I doubt that having multiple accounts really pays off.

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