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  1. The boots are junk for 2500gp. Yellow token is too much for these run cards that only grant a card if you run away. Even if you are equipping to a wizard and would want to run away, there are better cards to be playing. The Healing Hand Mace is pretty good - 2 excellent and 1 good attacks and a heal that does not worry about line of sight. You might want to have two priests that each have one? The team heals go well with a firestorm build....
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    Why nobody shares his opinion on my items? Maybe you can't see my message?
  3. Orb Of Eex is good, but pricy like you said. There are other items like Hylithia's Wand or Hasek's Icy Ring that have 2x Cone Of Cold. Depends on what's already in your collection. The Skull Of Savage Iljin to me is not really playable. The discard effect of Savage Curse is too heavy a drawback to play around easily.

    Demon's Golden Blade was nice before they nerfed Demonic Feedback. The chops are hard to set up, although 10ATK is nothing to sneeze at on one character only.
    Gleaming Glaive is good if you have a stabby guy that wants to stay away from enemies. Depends if that's what you want to build for, maybe with some Dodges thrown in to keep you one space back?
    Impervious Panoply...I really don't like playing cards that encumber my dudes. I have enough trouble keeping them free of frost without dropping a ball and chain on myself.
    Wex's Mail is good. I play it because I don't have Xander's Mail, which you obviously are buying this week, so....
    White Katana is good, but I think there are just so many other good weapons to play that have higher damage for the yellow/blue cost. I would probably not shell out for it (I have 2 that dropped in chests and have never played them). Still, if you see armor being a problem you may need to tech against someday, this item would be good for opening tin cans.

    Blood Locket. Is it different than Runestone in that you are risking them moving out of the lava, while you are certainly hurting them if you have attached the knives. Less damage, but a more sure thing. I think I would prefer the Runestone, though.
    Toad Boots. You'll need that Hard To Pin to run away after you dump your attack cards for the turn. Skip.
    Trained Stoutness. To me, Hit The Deck is missing an 'S' at the front of the card name. I really don't like to play cards that hamper my movement, as controlling your board position is very important in this game and that's not something I would willingly forfeit. Duck is a fancy trick with poorer odds of success than other good blocks.
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    Thanks guys! Your opinion is very important for me. Xander's Mail and Wex's Mail are auto-buys here.
    I've decided to buy Skull Of Savage Iljin, since it's probably the only good item with two Savage Curse. I will try two wizards with Cones and one buffing priest. A cone dealing 5 damage to everybody should be good at least in PvE.
    Orb Of Eex was a difficilt decision, but I guess I should skip it. Hylithia's Wand Is Better, though I don't have it yet. But I have both Larkin's Orb and Xemu's Crown, so I guess I will have enough Cones if needed.
    I will also buy the Panoply, just in case, and Blood Locket.

    AFAIK, Cowardly discards cards and then replaced, so I can still have one attack card as a replacement. Is it true?
    Hit the Deck is worse than Hard to Pin, Icy Block or Shield Block, but it's still a decent "block any" with 2/3 chance. Most blocks are worse. In most cases, you will be happy to block Frost Jolt with it: your char will move at least on the next turn. If you play a lot of tricks like Telekinesis, Halt becomes almost insignificant - and you can teleport enemies to your warrior via Winds of War.
    Duck is a great block, despite the odds. It will trigger sooner or later, and you will get not just a random card from your deck, but a useful attack card. There are only 5 items with Duck in the game, all are Dwarven skills, and some of them don't worth their price. I have Apprentice Stoutness this week, but I'm not going to buy it. The price is steep, and I prefer having two Hit the Deck to Chain Harness and Toughened Hide Strips.
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    I would buy the nimbus blade ( dont have any). the armor its interesting if you dont have any good arrogant armor for a priest, i would buy it if i had the spare cash
  8. Ector

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    St. Portia's Mail - very good, I'd buy if I would have no other divine mails with two Arrogant Armors. You aren't likely to play this in PvP, but many scenarious become very easy with Arrogant Armor.
    Nimbus Blade - I'd buy the second, just in case I'd want to play two Blades or two priests.
    Advanced Ferocity - No. It looks good only initially. Dwarven Battle Cry works for the enemy dwarves too. War Cry is situational: nobody plays so much blocks to make it worthy.
    Copper Zapping Wand - Are you serious? A wizard coming at 2 range is a dead wizard.
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    Copper Zapping Wand is great for low to mid level SP. When you deal with multiple mobs with lots of moves, staying clear isn't an option. Damage above Weak Block level is a definite plus.
    I doubt it would be a preferred MP item.
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  10. Advanced ferocity is one of the best possible racials in this game. War cry is amazing. AMAZING.
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    Shuddering Relic is very nice in SP. It gets you mass frenzy and a nice attack for no tokens, this pairs very well with fighters. Also very good in parties built using black cards for the quests. I like having at least 3 of these for SP.
  13. Shuddering Relic is great for Multi-player as well. Mass Frenzy for no token and a cycling trait are great any time, not just in SP and on quests. I definitely have this item on my priest in MP, although my priest is keeping the bench warm lately.
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    Really? Then you should recommend Bellowing Helm, the only item with two War Cries :)
    I can understand that everyone plays blocks at your level, but that doesn't mean that War Cry is amazing, since they will rarely have more than one block, in which case you trade one your card for one theirs. Short Perplexion Ray gives you two cards for one... if it won't be blocked, of course :) But even if it would, you still trade one your card for one theirs (though SPR isn't a cantrip). War Cry can be blocked too...
  15. War Cry is great for dumping all those pesky blocks from your opponent's hand (and immediately follow up with an unblockable attack), obviously, but did you know it has another very useful ability? It can be used to steal initiative on the next turn. You simply save it for your last play, then pass afterwards (just like Flanking Move and Quick Step/Quick Run). This can be huge if you have a low HP character that needs to escape or need to finish off an opponent's dude that is hanging by a thread before he can act. Going first next turn is important, and a cantrip card that let's you steal initiative is good!
  16. You are entitled to your opinion. I'll simply say that Susurrus does a great job of explaining why war cry alone is amazing, saving me the need to do so. The item has 3 cards. All 3 of which are fantastic. You are welcome to disagree. Mentioning bellowing helm has nothing to do with the item in question - Advanced Ferocity, and misses the point of what makes the card so great. More cards = great, even if your opponent runs all dwarves and draws cards as well. Blind Rage is one of the best traits in the game and cycles your deck. I can't really think of any legitimate arguments as to why someone could possibly believe the item to be bad, or even average, but you are welcome to share all you like.
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    War cry can't be blocked, thanks to Immediately. For the record.

    Advanced Ferocity is great because it provides Dwarven Battlecry (+3) with the deliciousness of Blind Rage (+1) along with a good card (War Cry) for only (minortoken) . It's way better than the other items (which only provide Charge). Don't get me started on how good Blind Rage is anyways...

    Nimbus Blade hath appeared in my shop. I have none, also no Whiteglow Flail, no Healing Hand Mace, no Mind Worm, nothing. Should I buy?
  18. Jarmo

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    At 500 gold I'd snap Nimbus Blade up yesterday. Can your priest build afford the two gold tokens? If so, go for it! I'd buy it even if I had no immediate use for it. Items like it don't come along too often. For example, I have none even though my collection is quite extensive.
  19. Ector

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    Well guys, I've got Advanced Ferocity but never played it. If you say it's very good, I may try it :)
    Dwarven skills are very interesting. The first featured skill at these forums was Perfect Toughness (for the Dwarven Control Wizards). Toughness is a golden card. Then, I've learned to love Stoutness, since there were too many mages trying to move my characters. Immovable is also a great card. If I ever get Ferocity orRaging Battler, I will play them, since all three their cards are great and don't depend on blocks or race of your opponent.
    To summarize: Advanced Ferocity may look good, and even be good, but nearly half of Dwarven skills in the game are better :) I don't discount the movement cards on Dwarven skills, since the Dwarves really need some extra movement, so I'd sooner have Charge in my deck than War Cry. When your warrior gets frozen, how good is discarding their blocks if you cannot hit them anyway?
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    Obviously your build must be taken into account. running wizards who use Electroporter Novice might have very little use for a card that discards blocks.
    For someone like me, who runs 3 melee characters the one that drew the War Cry is alot of the times not the one who will immediately attack afterwards so having my warr frozen is irrelevant.
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