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  1. Jade303

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    Juniper's Boots are great but there are many other boots with 1-2 Flanking Move out there, some of which are tokenless. I would use what you have unless you have money to burn. Cohr's black scepter looks neat, it's the kind of item you might use if you had it, but it's probably not a must-buy.
    I have a Mindsplinter Staff and Hylithia's Wand in my shop. The wand is the nicest, minor-token way to get 2X Cone Of Cold on an arcane item (note the Acid Blast) but I'm not sure if I want it. The Mindsplinter Staff looks cool, but I'm not too crazy about it...

    I would definitely pass on the Orb Of Eex, you can get Hylithia's Wand or Hasek's Icy Ring which are better IMO. It's too bad that Mindless Aggression costs 2 tokens, if it cost 1 it would be an interesting addition to a warrior's deck.
    Kelharin's Clogs are great, but it depends if you would prefer the 2X Officer's Harness or the 2X Flanking Move on Captain Cedric's Boots. If you are going to buy something make sure that it is the best possible item, or at least one that you really want to use!
    Hylithia's Robes are neat, love the Officer's Harness there, would be nice to have but probably not worth buying.
    Mazzram's Mighty Mattock is a pretty sweet weapon. I could totally imagine pairing that with Frenzied Slicing and a Master's Battleaxe. It's a powerful weapon, but it does lack flexibility in terms of movement. Probably not worth buying either for 2500g.
  2. Kalin

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  3. Sir Veza

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    For SP:
    1. Orb_Of_Eex - 2 cold attacks for a minor token
    2. Kelharin's_Clogs - Team Run, minor token, any class
    3. Mazzaram's_Mighty_Mattock - Great for bunched enemies, good for others. Mixed damage types could be a problem in SP.

    Dunno. I've been looking for any of the three for months now, and I've only seen them in the wiki and in other people's 'Rate my Randimar's' posts.
  4. ElShafto

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    Radimar's gave me crap yet again. Commence the burning.
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  5. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    I guess the more stuff you have, the more items you consider "a crap :)

    Please help me rate my rarities:

    Bern's Untouchable Mail
    This golden mail is a great chance of instant win versus control mages, especially for a Dwarf warrior. Arrogant Armor means no encumber effects, no Firestorms. Unfortunately, it means also no Impenetrable Nimbus, Mass Frenzy and other good buffs, but I can build my team according to this.
    The key is having enough Arrogant Armors for my warrior; the card is pretty rare, and this is the only armor with all three. Yellow token requirement is a problem, though: my Warrior spends all his yellow tokens on weapons and Slippery Shield. No block is better than Hard To Pin!

    Og's Boots Of Peril
    Good boots for any character, especially for a Dwarf. Unfortunately, they take a token, and there are much better token-consuming boots. On the other hand, are there builds with enough armor to get full advantages of Enchanted Harness?

    Robes Of White Wylla
    Looks like the real treasure. Arcane Shell adds only 1 to the magic damage, but you keep it, unlike Arcane Aura. I have some robes with Arcane Aura, but only Cursed Wizard's Robes has two of them, and the third card is Brain Burn :(

    Quigley's Cap
    Chain Harness is good, Dash, Team is even better. There are two problems here: the cap requires a token (which I currently use elsewhere), and nobody plays a lot of armor to fully exploit the Harness. My current Dwarf warrior has just 5 armor cards, two of them comes from his tokenless helm. Am I right here?

    Terxes' Medallion
    This also requires a token. Twin Heal is very good, Bungled Heal is questionable, but often helpful. But how good is Cause Fumble? Never played such cards.

    Wlakwa's Boots
    Two good move cards, one bad. Is it worth a yellow token?

    Blue Suede Shoes
    Now we have two good moves (not the pushing ones, but with Free Move), one standard for a blue token. Is it worth the token?

    Corpselight Charm
    Boosted Heal is very good. Impenetrable Nimbus is very good. How about Unholy Energy? Is it good enough to justify the yellow token? Is it good enough to be played at all??? I guess if I keep an armor, the armor can prevent the damage, right?

    Perfect Ferocity
    All cards are very good, but is it worth the yellow token? Besides, I've heard about better Dwarf skills...

    Savvy Attacker
    I currently prefer a tokenless skill for my warrior, but this one looks very promising, especially for Dwarven team. Two traits and Team Run. What do you think?

    Besides, I've got my first Staff Of Winter and my first Trembling Staff, so I'm already happy with my Randimar's :cool:
  6. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Bern's Untouchable Mail is really, really cool. There are some unique build you can pull off with this armor, since you can stack some negative traits (like Large Weapon, Wimpy and Fright/Trip) without getting penalized.
    Og's Boots Of Peril are nice but I would hold out for Nasrum's Moccasins.
    Robes Of White Wylla are one-of-kind like Bern's Mail, but not really worth your money. Check out this thread though! Also, see Cotton Wizard's Robes.
    Quigley's Cap is a neat item, would be fun to combo with some other harnesses and the Dash Team is great, but they don't benefit the more available Reliable Mail. You should really try and build a character around this helmet with the right Armor and Boots, or not at all.
    Terxes Medallion is terrible. All of the cards on there are questionably bad. The best card on there is probably Cause Fumble, followed by the crappy Twin Heal and then Bungled Heal. It's just not worth a token, let alone 500g!!
    Wlakwa's Boots are good to have for a priest since they can usually spare a gold token, but don't buy unless you need the Team Run (and don't have Rhood's Boots or Salazar's Sandals).
    Blue Suede Shoes, they are a fun part of my boot collection, but never worn and very dusty.
    Corpselight Charm is pretty bad IMO. Usually people would prefer Medallion Of St. Vigus or something. The Boosted Heal is an OK card but Unholy Energy is seldom played.
    Perfect Ferocity is great for all-dwarf teams, or at least when your opponent isn't running so many darned dwarves. Also see Advanced Ferocity, Solid Rock, Perfect Toughness. Also, Raging Rock and especially Apprentice Ferocity are good buys if you want em.
    Savvy Attacker is nice to have, just don't forget that you pay 1 token for just 1, albeit very useful, card.

    Anyone have input on Mindsplinter Staff or Hylithia's Wand?
  7. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

  8. There are better non-legendary items for all of those. imo.
  9. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Woo hoo! I've thought about the traits, but wasn't sure. The idea is very nice. I've also realized that Arrogant Armor card exists ONLY on armor items, so the mail is absolutely unique, as it's the only mail that allows you to rely on the card. Bought it immediately. Guess it will make some of my SP farming easy, as I already have Holy Knight Armor for my priest :)
    I am aware that Perplexing Rays can discard Arrogant Armor, since I use the rays myself in large quantities. So I guess a lot of good blocks are needed...

    Would you play Oz's Boots and where? Randimar didn't offer the Mocassins for me anyway :) Plus, I feel there are absolutely different boots: Og's are for mobility, Nasrum's are for armor.

    I know what you mean, but will still buy the robe :)
    Cotton Wizard Robe has awful third card (Little Zap), and I want to pump my Cones of Cold and Winds of War at least in SP missions.

    I guess this means I should buy the cap :) Probably for my warrior with the Bern's Untouchable Mail.

    Who doesn't need a Team Run? It's not only a card advantage (you move three characters for one card), but a tempo advantage too, as you move them simultaneously. I've compared Wlakwa's to your alternatives, and consider Wlakwa's better, since they offer two group-moving cards (Team Run and Violent Spin), which creates solid advantage in MP. The third card is crappy, but not as crappy as Rusty Armor on Salazar's Boots: you generally can get rid of the move by playing it :)

    Medallion is used when you need Nimbus (I prefer Nimbus Blade and Shielding Token for that, since I don't like Healing Blessing... you may be killed long before it would heal you). Here you get two obviously good cards and Unholy Energy. The latter is seldom played just because it's rare, and there are almost no good items with it. Mind Worm is situational, Savage Curse is very situational, and Bad Luck is simply weak. There are only 10 cards with Unholy Energy in the game, only 3 rares. Weapons with it have rather weak attacks (and we generally want enough attacks for our priests), so the only items with Unholy Energy and without crap are Corpselight Charm and Mokad's Reeking Skull. The card itself is quite interesting and deserves a thread on the forums.

    Thanks for your examples. Raging Rock is almost strictly better than Perfect Ferocity, since yellow tokens are rare for a warrior, and Apprentice Ferocity is even tokenless. No sense in buying this item.

    There are only 3 cards in the skill, so one is 33.33% of them, which isn't too little :) I currently use Novice Impaling, which provides two traits and almost useless Penetrating Cut that's weak and can clog my hand if my warrior gets slowed. I currently play Dwarven warrior, Dwarven mage and Human priest (just to use Perfect Command), so a difference between having a Penetrating Cut and Team Run at start of a game is often a difference between a loss and a victory. I cannot play the Cut on turn one, unless I get Dash, Team or the opponent will be so kind to move close :) And if I play Team Run, I will occupy the victory area and, most of the time, kill the opposing characters one by one.

    Grab the Mindsplitter Staff immediately. At least it will help you to kill the hordes of small enemies in missions. If I would have it, I'd definitely try some combos with the priest pumping cards like Savage Curse and Unholy Wellspring. Great stuff.
    As for Hylithia's Wand, it's pretty nice, especially if you don't play two Frosty Staves like me :) I am not a big fan of Acid Blast, but it's useful and can be played almost always, unlike the short-ranged attacks. Buy it if you don't have enough Cones of Cold on the other items.
  10. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    P.S. There are only six items with Team Run in the whole game, and only one of them is rare!
    I was just crazy when I've asked about them - every item with Team Run should be grabbed ASAP :)
  11. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Kelharin's Clogs have Team Run - grab them immediately. You will thank me every time you will play this amazing card :) Officer's Harness are good too.
    Mindless Aggression is a crap. Consider you are spending two cards for a single 10-damage range 1 attack without any moves... you could do the same with two Chops! I am exaggerating of course, but you've got the idea.
    Hylithia's Robes - all cards are good, and Arcane Shell is even premium. Should be bought :)
    Mattock... I'd skip that. Able Bludgeon isn't very flashy, and you can find better weapons cheaper.
    Orb of Eel - very, very good. All items with 2+ Cones are epic or legendary, so you aren't likely to have a lot of them. Force Cone is short-ranged, but it's a cone spell that pushes your enemies back.

    So, if you cannot buy all three, get the Clogs and then look at your magic items and staves. If you don't have items with 2 or more Cones of Cold, get the Orb, you will need it. If you do, get the Robes.
  12. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    First off Ector, please take note of the "Edit" button so you don't have to triple-post.
    Secondly, Scorpion_Wins, I hate you. Been waiting to buy something, anything with nimble strike for months now.
    Third, I can't bring myself to use Sub Zero Staff because of the Maze on it. :p
    As for Unholy Energy, it's a very tricky card to use. Every turn that you draw your racial move card, there is 2 damage, bam, guaranteed. Every armor card and block you can't discard, that's two damage each. If you draw a trait, that's two damage. You would want to use this card on a wizard (24), a priest with too many attacks (21), and maybe a warrior (18-20). Even still, the thought of inflicting 2-10 damage to a character each turn is a bit much, and as it has been mentioned, it doesn't come on good items. Also, don't forget that it will reveal all of those non-attack cards, so your opponent will know exactly what you have in your hand, including blocks, which is never good! I would like to know if it considers hybrids like Vicious Thrust a "Non-attack card". That would be a bit much.
    Buy the Clogs, skip everything else.
  13. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    I know about the "Edit" button, thanks. My first post was too large (and edited 10 times), so I've decided to move the important post scriptum to the separate post. Plus, my first post was a response to you, while my second post was a message to everybody. It's easy to underestimate Team Run, especially if you didn't have it before, and I guess most players didn't, since it's extremely rare. I've just got lucky to see two of the six items with it at once in my Randimar's. I guess if I'd wait for Rhood's or Salazar's I could wait even more than you are waiting for anything with Nimble Strike :) And my third post was a response to Susurrus; it was just pointless to merge it with a response to you.

    BTW, thank you very much for your response! Your help was really needed. I've already bought both items with Team Run and used it. Just amazing. No opponent can expect it, it always hits as a hurricane.

    I have no Nimble Strikes too :( Moreover, Randimar seems to consider me a child, as he refuses to sell me weapons at all :)

    Good joke. I would kill for the staff...

    Yes, I understand the problems, but there are ways to mitigate them. I guess armor can prevent the damage (but the armor cards themselves will increase it). Accelerated Thought also deals 2 damage, but it's still used. I guess a lot of Nimbus can help here (it wears off after "at start of turn" effects, right?)
    Did you think that Unholy Energy can be played on the opponent? A mage with low hit points, but out of range of your weapons, bammm! A guaranteed death next turn. Combine with Entangling roots to disable his move cards, but he still takes 2 damage for each. Now you get to see all his cards, and so on.
  14. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    That's exaggerating a bit don't ya think? It's a very useful card.
    I would rather use my Staff Of Winter with 4X Frost Jolt than 2 Freeze, 1 Force Bolt and the dreaded Maze. My wizard is very consistent.
    It could be interesting to use Sub-Zero Staff + Frosty Staff though. You get 2 copies of each cold spell that way.

    Nice thoughts on Unholy Energy. It would be funny to pull off Roots+Unholy energy, you could potentially cause 6 points of damage that way, it is always an option I guess. Accelerated Thought causes 2 Damage, once for 1 card per turn for 3 turns. Unholy Energy causes 2-10 damage per turn for 3 turns.
    Now Savage Curse on the other hand.. that is a sweet card.
  15. Bearson Onyx

    Bearson Onyx Goblin Champion

    What? you never take damage from drawing your racial move card because it happens after drawing the extra card from unholy energy - test it again and see for yourself, so at worst you take 6 damage from keeping 2 non attack cards and drawing another non attack card, if you use good armor like reliable armor it will always prevent it's own damage and you can manipulate your build in the first place to have as few armor cards as possible (a minimum of 3 I think) and blocks that are usable even without actually blocking (like hard to pin or surging block) to minimize the number of non attack cards you keep at the end of the round.
    It's still not a very good card and a tricky one, I agree, it's greatest weakness is revealing those non attack cards you draw/have when it triggers.
    And yes, hybrid cards count as both types so vicious thrust is an attack card that won't damage you when you draw it off of unholy energy.
  16. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Maybe, but just a little bit. The game is all about clever character placement and the calculations like "if you move here, I will move there". Cards like Run, Team! move 2 characters at once, and they are quite rare (usually no more than 2-3 such cards in a deck). Team Run moves all 3 characters at once, and that's often difficult to handle, especially if these characters have good enough cards to kill somebody. I use a lot of Short Perplexing Rays for my wizard (was lucky to get 3 items with double SPR), so if I play Team Run and move my warrior close to your character and my wizard into the SPR range, your char is almost dead - unless he manages to block SPR, of course. Funny enough, people tend to underestimate the threat until it's too late.

    I play two Frosties, since I like Cone of Cold, and especially like the possibility to pin down even an Elf with Cone + Frost Jolt. This won me a lot of games. But Freeze is an uber card, stopping most characters even without other cards.

    Unfortunately, I would need Mokad's Reeking Skull to try build a deck on this, one Unholy Energy isn't enough. But I will try playing it :)

    I'd play this card only with the mass attack spells like your Mindsplitter Staff. Common attacks gain too little to justify losing a card IMHO.

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