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    Yes, you are absolutley right. We haven't logged level 4 drops, but level 5 drops look like this
    Lv	C	U	R	E	L	Tot	
    2	7	0	0	0	0	7	3,5 %
    3	37	1	2	0	0	40	20,0 %
    4	14	7	0	0	0	21	10,5 %
    5	33	11	1	0	0	45	22,5 %
    6	60	13	3	2	0	78	39,0 %
    7	4	4	0	0	0	8	4,0 %
    8	1	0	0	0	0	1	0,5 %
    Tot	156	36	6	2	0	200	
    	78,0 %	18,0 %	3,0 %	1,0 %	0,0 %		
    while level 3 drops look like this
    Lv	C	U	R	E	L	Tot	
    1						167	18,6 %
    2						228	25,3 %
    3						360	40,0 %
    4						99	11,0 %
    5						33	3,7 %
    6						13	1,4 %
    Tot	664	179	45	10	2	900	
    	73,8 %	19,9 %	5,0 %	1,1 %	0,2 %		
    so you get about a double the chance of a level 3 item dropping from a level 3 adventure compared to a level 5 adventure. (Note: the logged level 5 drop number is really low, only 200 items, which can mean the percentages are off by several percentage points, but the general trend is still clear. The data comes from this thread: http://forums.cardhunter.com/threads/what-is-the-shortest-method-to-get-most-gold-pieces-gp.4246/)
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    Yes, but they don't drop in equal proportion, far from it. The farther you get from the nominal level, the less items drop.
    Yes, that is the main reason. Also, random loot is random so anything can happen for one person. It's only after several thousand drops are counted we begin to see the true picture.
    The drop rate is also influenced by the number of total items of a certain level that exist in Card Hunter. There are currently 45 level 5 items, 150 level 6 items and 59 level 7 items. This is why more level 6 than level 5 items drop from level 5 adventures. The effect diminishes the more the farther away we get from the adventure level, as you can see from the level 5 drop data above. There are much less level 7 drops even when more level 7 items exist than level 5 items. Still, when the adventure level is only one removed from an item level with a lot of items like 6, the item-rich level dominates the drops.
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    The boots arent that bad, of the 6, if i had to buy any would be those, but only if i had money to spare
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    The axe looks like a poor man's Lochaber Axe. If you need it for a step attack build it might be ok (if you don't have anything better). Depends on how badly you need more Nimble Strikes.

    By the way, System, could you please also count the Epics and Rares in your Randimar's (counting also any you already bought this week)? The wiki currently gives the quantity range for them as
    Rare Items:	*40	*53
    Epic Items:	*3	*14
    Legendary Items:	*0	*4
    Total Items:	*56	*59
    and you obviously have new data. It would be nice to be able to update the wiki with your info.
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  10. SystemIsDown

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    My Randimar's has 6 legendaries, 8 epics, and 45 rares this week. Haven't bought anything yet.
  11. Jarmo

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    OK, thanks for the info, appreciate it!

    EDIT: I updated the Randimar's legendary max count in the wiki.
  12. Is Boxton's Razorstaff any good? (2xWall of Stone, 4xPath of Knives for two blue tokens) I am tempted to get it just in case there is some wallbuilding jank to build.
  13. neoncat

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    Wall staffs are generally subpar for the tokens you have to spend. For an effective wall of stone build, you really want multiples of the 2x or 3x Wall of Stone arcane items.
  14. Sir Veza

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    What neoncat says is true. It isn't great, but I would rate this as a 'nice to have' in case I really wanted to stack stone walls and had already filled my arcane item slots. Requiring minor tokens rather than minor/major is a plus. Still pretty situational, though.
  15. tuknir

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    you can always do a knife and wow build :) that staf,some runestones/amulets of gale. that staff would be great with 2 wow instead of the walls. but the walls can be useful on the current pvp maps
  16. Thanks for the evaluation. I think I'll skip since I already have a couple of Wallbuilder Staves.
  17. Alright, I have another one that is a head-scratcher: Nasrum's_Moccasins

    The 2x Enchanted Harness is pretty nice, and I have seen how General Jelom's Helm can be good. Just wonder if it's worth loading up on armor, especially at the cost of a yellow token.
  18. Jade303

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    The thing about Nasrum's Moccasins is that they are the only boots where you can get 2X Enchanted Harness. Boots you can use on any class, they are by far the most useful items! They are pretty sick to put on a priest or a warrior (or even a Wizard!) since they drastically increase your armor value. If you ever draw both that's an automatic, 100% Armor 4 plus any other armor you draw after that is also 100% (and this is where you want Officer's Harness). I would spring for them if I had 2500 g to play with.

    I have Rod Of Palver Pree and Trained Toughness in my shop. Trained Toughness seems like fun, but I won't buy it. The Rod is tempting since it seems to be a half-decent tokenless. I also see a Black Walnut Staff but I already have 1 of those... Not sure if I want it or not yet.
  19. Aeldaar

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    definitely buy 2x enchanted harness, it's amazing and opens up some great build options
  20. Reint

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