Rate my Randimar's Rarities

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Will-, Sep 22, 2013.

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    The skull and nothing else.
  3. BlackVoidDeath

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    Thats what i was thinking but maybe the Bucket and/or Charm? - what do you think about those two?
  4. There's a school of thought that anything in the Bling by Bleneth line is worth having, but if you're short on gold, there are cheaper ways (like Shuddering Relic) to get that Mass Frenzy.

    I've used the Bucket to add Globs of Flame to a fire wizard's arsenal after his Flame Jets/Ember Bursts/Instant Burns are accounted for. It's not a bad combo, and if they were Fireballs instead, this would be a no-brainer...though as it is, the token cost seems a bit high. Avakiria's Cup or Wym's Fiery Pin will get you two Globs and another good fire card for just (minortoken).
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    I agree.
    2500 and a (majortoken) is a lot to spend for 3x Glob of Flame.
    The charm is okay, but the medallion is better for SP and the skull for MP. (I use frenzy charms because I have them, but they're really not much better than Shuddering Relics.)
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    Bynzer's Black Spear is considered one of the best vampire weapons, so I guess you should buy it. Both fire staves are worse than White Flame, so skip them.
    Why on Earth do you need a Demon's Golden Blade? It isn't going to make your priest a killing machine anyway: the number of attacks is too low.
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    Searing Pain for sure. It kicks butt in multiplayer and is pretty useful in the campaign too. In fact, I would pick it up over Staff of a Million Embers, especially if you don't have a burning wizard started.

    Other than that, Chartwell's Ring if you're into speed farming.
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  13. Ector

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    Okay, I will sort the items from best to worse for your convenience.

    The Lunginator. Grab it immediately, in case your Internet connection will disappear for the whole week :) This is the best crushing weapon, very effective for its tokens, having a lot of useful tech.
    Bolg's Big Iron Plate This is a great weapon, since Surging Shield Block is both a block and a movement card. The attacks are rather blunt, but they're all crushing, so you will be able to increase the damage with Crusher. It also has a unique look :)

    Bloody Stoutness Not bad at all, but not a "must have" too. It's probably the best way of building a warrior with a lot of blocks if you ever want to. Buy it if you have a lot of gold only.

    Godtouched Mace - You don't need it if you have Healing Hand Mace.

    I guess you can skip the rest items.
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  14. Questor

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    The two major token cost is a bit high, there are better options.
    Like Searing Pain which is well worth it.

    Buy the Healing Hand Mace and hold tight to your purse until next week.
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    When the maps rotate - there might be a chance that everyone will start using warriors so is it worth buying Oquith's Choking Incense?
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    I think all members having parry and the priest as a drawbot is more efficient than using this
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  18. Ector

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    Well, actually they're meant for the different decks: Million Embers for the fireburner, Searing Pain for the general damage dealing, especially with Savage Curse. Thus, no one of them is "better" than another. And two major token cost means nothing for the fireburners, since the second staff will be White Flame, and most good arcane items don't require major tokens.

    Holy crap, I wish I could buy all the Lunginators you guys recommend to skip :) And beat you with them until you understand how good are they...
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    I just dont understand how to use it? can you make a deck in the deck building forum?

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