Radiation - the true game changer

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Smoke99, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Smoke99

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    I have been pouring out the rad attacks lately, and finding the game to be a lot more interesting with doing so. Especially when the opposition wiz sends all my team into the goo I just set out there - even better to alter the game and make it fun! However, I don't see a lot of other players out there using it. My forum question is why? Even though it's a weak 2 point damage, to mind leak a wizard, frighten a dwarf, or trip an elf is priceless! Damaging plays in their own right. What are the thoughts out there on using radiation?
  2. JakeAlmighty

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    It's random.

    I don't like RNG, it's an easy way to let a won match get out of control.

    AOE radiation is ok.
  3. wereviper

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    Since the balance, I've ran into quite a few radiation-control builds that have just tore my team apart. Personally, I'm a fan of the DoT of a fire mage especially if you can manage to make sure the other guy can't use his priest to cast purge or cast heals.
  4. Smoke99

    Smoke99 Kobold

    Thanks for the response Jake!
  5. Smoke99

    Smoke99 Kobold

    Thanks for the response wereviper!
  6. Range is bad, damage is negligible, most handicap won't be too impactful, easily countered by moving, etc... The only reason Radiation Bomb was competitive was because you used to buff it with Savage Curse. Nowadays, it's fallen out of favor due to nerfs.
  7. JakeAlmighty

    JakeAlmighty Mushroom Warrior

    agreed, this is the RNG i reference above is the handicaps. Every once in a while you get the perfect handicap for a specific situation, but most of the time they're pretty mild.

    Radiation bomb (ala radcannon) might still be good in the buffing decks based on Unholy Wellspring (nowhere near Savage Curse obv), dunno, haven't tried.

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