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  1. Vacuity

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    In the descriptions of the various adventures, there is always a list that looks something like this:

    • No party deaths
    • All your levels are reduced to 2
    • Party has one health
    • Equip only items with a Drawback card

    What does this mean? Do I get bonus loot for completing the adventure while meeting one, more or all of these goals? If so, is it only the first time? Is it just for flavour?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    You get a guaranteed Rare item from completing a quest. They are each separate quests. You need to pick one before you start the adventure. You can only complete each of them once.

    You need to meet the quest requirement and complete the adventure to win the item. For example, in "no party deaths", no member of your party can die during the adventure or you will instantly fail.

    Quests have no free retries. You need to pay 15 gold to resurrect your party if you fail even once in any of the battles of the adventure if you don't want to restart the whole adventure.
  3. Squidy

    Squidy Hydra

    To select a quest you need to click on the green check button next to it before starting the adventure.

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