[Question] How to determine order with elvish mobility

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Keyser, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Keyser

    Keyser Goblin Champion

    How does one determine the order in which elves move after Elvish Mobility is played? I've recently started running an all-elvish comp in MP, and the answer to this question often matters.
  2. progammer

    progammer Ogre

    Your team from left to right. Same with enemy team if they have elf. However, which team start first is currently random and does not follow any order.
  3. Aldones

    Aldones Ogre

    This left-to-right thing really effects more stuff than you'd expect. It's the entire reason I re-ordered my original party on my first playthrough, since it even seems to effect map placement sometimes, when it's not totally randomized. However, the fact that I can effect this outcome by resetting my party order manually (and tediously) beforehand just makes me believe more strongly that we should just be allowed to chose the order ourselves each time, or have it be truly randomized.
    On the last cockroach map, it may be necessary to select one of my hapless characters at random to be the one stuck alone behind the door, but in most other cases, I'd simply prefer to select my marching formation, starting location, or simultaneous movement order myself and have it make sense to me.

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