[PvP] Temple of Silence

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  1. Shardokar

    Shardokar Kobold

    trying to find out how to balance a pvp map, feel free to test it and comment.

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  2. It would be more appealing if you were to post a screenshot of the map :). I see you've made some changes to it since last night.
  3. I noticed that the center characters from both teams have a 10-square line-of-sight to enemy character. I think that there should be an unwritten PvP map rule that you shouldn't be able to target any character (that hasn't moved) from your starting position. In this map it is possible using a couple of high-range spells.

    I don't know if others think it is an issue though. And it's not a huge deal of course, just something I noticed.
  4. Flaxative

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    Sizzling Bolt metagame!! :)

    Yeah no I agree though.
  5. Shardokar

    Shardokar Kobold

    10 range fixed (thx Liesure)
    changed side VP for more gameplay option

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