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    I think most of the mind game is not so much bluffing as hiding one's strategy, forcing the opponent to reveal their strategy while keeping yours hidden.
    Only when you know the opponent's strategy can you bluff. Before that, there's as many chances that your bluff falls right into their plans :p
    Also, I don't see any single card that weighs on the game as much as Volcano does. As long as there's a wizard, the mere possibility of that card turns the first round into a complex dance of passes and fake outs.
    Then I'd pass and say "np, there you go"
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    Great stuff dark brightness. heres a summary and a few more things

    always expect opponent to have move cards

    it's possible he doesn't have as good a draw as you, dont go in unless ur 150% sure you'll live or come out even or on top. also you have to keep in mind his comp and what such a formation would be made for (the more cards he plays the more information you will gain) you will be able to classify and spot comps and their intentions more easily the more battles you play (example) all warrior comps usually don't have block magic cards where as they probably have a good many parries this can make them weak to magic, weaknesses arise in all comps... or they should. assess your hand, do you think its strong? is it safe to aggress? always take an even or better trade.

    enemies discard gold cards or better to keep defensive cards such as armor or parries (other cards too) looking at the discard can tell you the intentions of ur enemy

    if it's not defensive cards the enemy warrior, priest (ect) is stacking it's probably movement cards, many things can be learned by enemy movements (example) if he moves twice he has one less card to attack or defend with, if he is more forward this is a position that can be punished (only if able, remember he could have nimbus, think of the weaknesses of your team then play around those possibilities) if he sits still expect lots of armor, parries or attacks. sometimes a player may keep a set of cards and wait for the proper movement cards to appear to attack.

    always think of the worst case scenario
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    The only way to improve you ELO:
    >Always assume you won because of luck
    >Always assume you lost because of your faults
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    9 - 2 match history 1630 mmr
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    > Always assume that your opponent its strong
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    1662 mmr 9-2
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    Whatever you do....don't eat the yellow snow! No matter what a cold wizard tells you, it's not lemon flavored! lol

    In all seriousness though, winning isn't everything. There are always ways to counteract any of your opponents decks if you learn how to build your decks to your specific comfort level and try to adapt when the maps rotate. For me, I try to balance out my long-range and my melee just in case I run into maps where you either can't get close enough or where you have to hide in between turns.
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