Printable Card Hunter Sets?

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by zovc, Apr 16, 2014.

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    I have made some scripts for Magic the Gathering Proxies. It is not difficult to write some Python Scripts and to use some grafic program with serial processing to get some print frames. Allthough it took me some weekends until the toolchain worked so I just have to give him some Cardnames and get a print frame with the cards.

    It would be really cool to do some Quick Draws with friends in real life. May be I can work on that as soon as I have some more time. Which will be unfortunatly Christmas, but yeah. The cards are the easier part. Any idea how to get a good board and figures?
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    So, each year my daughter and I make a present for her brothers at Christmas. This year we "made" Cardhunter.
    I probably should have asked Blu Manchu's permission. Now I'll ask for their forgiveness.
    The result has been a great hit with the boys.
    I chose to use the decks from several of the premade parties: adventurers, tezkal elves, citadel, and stormbringers. 12 character decks.
    I wanted to cover all of the racial configurations whilst being balanced for multiplayer. I also didn't want any EttSC cards yet.
    We also chose 4 multiplayer boards and sketched them out on pregraphed poster paper. We chose gladius quad, celestial dojo, streams of blood, and maztec melee. I marked out the different types of terrain. My daughter colored them.
    I printed out racial moves with the black cardhunter backing.
    I printed out each deck on glossy photo paper, 8 cards per sheet, my daughter cut them using a paper cutter. The boys inserted them into clear penny sleeves.
    I designed a playmat and printed it out six times, one for each character. Each has a place for discard, library, hand, racial moves, and duration 1,2, and 3. I also noted on each sheet the starting life total for each type of character. We keep track of this by means of 20 sided die. If an attachment is attached to another character we note this by assigning a number to each character, 1-6, and place the corresponding die on that attachment. This allows us not to need multiple copies of cards like mass frenzy, or fire spray, and it keeps each character's cards with their deck. It could get confusing keeping track of attachments getting bumped off but we haven't experienced that too much yet. If an attachment is terrain, it's put in the duration slots as well. I bought foamy sheets in the following colors and cut them out in one inch squares: gray smoke, red lava, green acid, blue water, yellow illusionary, black spikes, white blessed terrain.
    We keep track of points with two distinctive d6s.
    @ParodyKnaveBob was concerned about elven maneuvers and traveling curse but we've managed those fine thus far.
    In fact, one game resulted in a tie because the burning attachments could be resolved simultaneously, which is actually an improvement from in-game mechanics.
    The toughest part has been determining sight lines thus far.
    So at this point I would commend Blue Manchu move forward with print plans, perhaps apart from ettsc and cm cards.
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  6. Please upload some pictures, it sounds amazing.
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    You're an awesome dad Tolkien ! Given the diy-ish attitude of CH players it might be a nice idea of Blue Manchu to make a nice set in PDF or even mailorder to buy with ingame pizza , would def buy. Even more definite if it came in a nice box with some help sheets to keep track of turn sequences (terrain, fire , etc). Realy curious to see this one evolve ...
  10. This is sooooo cool!
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    The boys used to play Magic the Gathering, now they play Cardhunter. They used to borrow my phone to look up new magic cards, now they look up cardhunter cards and items on the wiki. Thus far, they've introduced three of their friends to Cardhunter, always directing them to the site.
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    @Jon you've got something marketable here. My kids play this almost every day now...the board game that is.
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    Still waiting for this to be a reality.

    Give me three of each possible class/race, eh lets say 10 maps, all base set cards, and some decent looking graphics -- I'd easily throw down $100 on that. Would pay a good $20 for map and card expansion packs too.
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    Thanks guys for the feedback. We're back to playing commander I must admit but we'll take and show it off at the local game store soon to get more converts.
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    Pls post photos :D
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    Its a shame that this won't happen because its just not good business. Too few people play to make it a profitable endeavor. Loot and Legends already tried to branch into other platforms and draw in converts and we see how that went.
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    Luckily, building a new standalone single player thing out of the code, cards, figures and rules of Card Hunter, even just as a hobby project in the evenings, probably is viable.

    Guess what I'm doing :)

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