Pools of slime part 3 help

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  1. supergeek2

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    It's so hard, how do I solve it?
  2. Kalin

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    The biggest problem here is Death Meld, which forces you to think about which enemies you kill and when. Bringing Purge and Purging Burst will help, but be sure you can kill the purged enemy that round.

    The other problem is that the slimes are immune to crushing, and the skeletons are immune to piercing and slashing, so your warriors will frequently have the attacks they can't use. So you should consider bringing in an extra priest in their place. Inquisitor's Morningstar should work well here.

    Oops, I was thinking of the third map of Viscous.

    Yeah, try to kill green first, and bring movement to get away from yellows. Hiding behind the moat is good if you have ranged attacks.
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  3. Sir Veza

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    Much will depend upon your race/class combos and the equipment you have, but in general:
    - Don't bring crushing attacks.
    - Bring ranged attacks in order to benefit from the impassible terrain.
    - Watch out for Death Meld, and focus attacks on 1 target at a time to render it useless. Another option is to use purge.
    - Vamp attacks on your priest can help a lot.
    - Extra movement, including Vanguard on a human or Elvish Scamper for elves, can prevent you from being surrounded.

    I'm guessing you're running a 1/1/1.

    If you can take out the Green Jelly first, do so. It can be a great nuisance with it's ranged attacks.

    Otherwise, start with the Yellow Puddings.

    If you have a fast moving team with high damage, it's possible to bottle them up at their starting point and fight them one at a time until the zombies get close. Probably not a great option on your first run, so a better strategy might be to fall back a bit before engaging. If you can get your wizard behind impassable terrain it can really cut down on the wear and tear. Bring plenty of healing. Bring parries for your warrior and priest, and Impenetrable Nimbus if you have it. Fight a retreating action until the yellows are dead. After that, it gets a lot easier.

    I hope this helps, and best of luck to you.
  4. supergeek2

    supergeek2 Kobold

    I have a dwarf fighter, elf wizard and elf priest
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