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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by yuno44907a, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. yuno44907a

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    Can Germany get corrupted and horible things like nazi stuff may happen again? What if muslims take control of Europe? What are your worries about humanity, IQ level of humans, psychology, education, game industry, rich people?

    We believe rich people want stupid muslim workers and they are destroying Earths magnetic field and torturing animals. And do you see an negativity of brain health of humans? Most of people cant understand microchips but people at 1800 and 1900 built all of this stuff. Also we can say humans today very lazy and unhealthy because of air and water and cellphones. Will this go worse? Does good days over?

    Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, Bettler oder Kaiser?
    Ob Arm, ob Reich, im Tode gleich.

    I cant find rest of this poem.
  2. Maniafig

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    My favourite thing about this post has to be the rich people's plot to destroy Earth's magnetic field.

    I do wish I could live in the 1800s or 1900s when the common people still knew how to make microchips and we didn't lazily rely on water and air to survive.
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  3. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    :D but thing about i said rich people is corresct, if magnetic field dies everything will die because life is magnetic field.
  4. Flaxative

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  5. Rohndil

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    Seems that Darius caught a virus.
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  6. Robauke

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    also "arm" and "reich" aren't nouns, therefore those words dont start with a capital letter.
  7. BlackVoidDeath

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    I rest my case.
  8. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Black Void Death is an invisible space demon. They consume star light, because of that space is dark.
  9. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I suspect something might be lost in translation here, but probably not enough.

    Unfortunately this doesn't mean we're not well into the early phases of what may become another major multi-national (or essentially global) war. I'm not particularly optimistic based upon our track record, but I don't blame the magnetic field for bad human behavior. Video games are a more likely culprit.

    @BlackVoidDeath - Spiffy hat, bro!
  10. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    It is posible because humans are magically smart; actually our brains can feel things from other dimensions. Science doesnt understand about life and psychology they said it is brains magnetic field and there is 2 trillion cells. If you look at evolution you will see, life isnt science; life is art and animals just want to be cool. Hamsters may suck but they are cute, funny and fast growing.

    This bible thing, bible is completely changed; Jesus died before bible. Stupid humans believe to heaven, god, love, frindshipness; religions isnt like humans imagine, they just not listening gods they always positive and relaxed.
  11. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Since I was a teenager, I've operated from the premise that humans are basically stupid. I've met many who proved exceptions to the rule, but never so many as to disprove the rule. I suspect most people could think logically and reasonably if they made the effort, but few do. In most cases, I believe it simply isn't what they are focused on. Except when it affects them personally, most people tend to go along with the herd they consider their own.
    To paraphrase an Illinois railroad lawyer and former US president, "You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time." In my experience, most of the time people will fool themselves. It's sad from my point of view, but I'm old and will be ending relatively soon, and my point of view will not matter to those who don't share it.
    Can you first give some evidence that other dimensions exist? Once you prove their existence and nature, perhaps you can verify the accuracy of the feelings you claim the human brain can feel from them.
    Art is a function of intelligence, and actually helps master the rigors of survival. Individual art is prevalent in all the primitive cultures I've encountered, but in more advanced cultures with radio and television most people tend to stifle their own creativity and satisfy themselves by observing others.
    Based upon my observations, most animals (and plants) don't care about being "cool", but are quite focused upon remaining alive. Life is life, art is art. Don't confuse the two.
    Further, don't confuse feelings with thought. Use your brain. Question everything until you prove it to your own satisfaction, and don't accept ideas too easily. If nothing else, it will be a good mental exercise. Logic and reason are an individual's best tools to survive and thrive. Conversely, you can just try to lose yourself in the herd and hope for the best. If herds weren't a valid means of survival, they'd have all died out by now. This option works well for the majority.
    Yes, as a matter of fact, I have been drinking. I had a good jam with good friends, and am glowing happily at this point. But even now I have a distaste for sloppy thought. Probably bed time. Cheers!
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  12. yuno44907a

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    Peacock, Panda, Turtle are animals that not trying to survive and they look cool. Some humans can be too much smart and they may get affected by magnetic field of Earth. So if Earth gets lifeless, humans will start becoming more stupid.

    We dont have sex for surviving, we have sex because we want. We dont ask why we want it we dont need to know our emotions. Actually our emotions can be created by invisible demons and invisible demons can be eating our light and heat. So animals can be art and animals can be controlled can be hypnotised.

    Universe, psyhics, rules, shapes, colors; everything is illogical because there is some questions that doesnt have nice answers. Universe is art. Life is art. Planets are art. Shape of mountains is art. Atoms and electrons behave as they want and they decide what will be. You are electron and you are billions of years old.
  13. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    I decided to not to post a new topic. I want to learn everything about Gregory Rasputin. Soon i will illegally migrate to Europe and create a new religion. Islam is died. Now migrants will destroy the christianity. Capitalism will end by technology, everybody will become equal to rich people. Earths population will be decreased by war, population control, crime.

    There will be more technology, less humanity, more death, less rich people. Does smart people keep things secret? Does government not telling they want to kill humans? Problems are visible, solutions known but no action is taken; everything very slow and controlled by small community. Its like entire earth being ruled by single alien. Did Aliens worked with USA did they made 9/11, do they keep things secret and ununderstandable?

    I looked to video games, they will like made by alien entities, many times i talked about flaws and why i dont like and always same culture, same tactic opressed me. I feel like green eyed people are alien or maybe most of internet users are alien. I have seen real vampires. I told you:

    There will be more technology, less humanity, more death, less rich people. If we dont kill humans they will kill entire planet. Everybody know i am right; you will see the future. Rich people said people play games and not work than they said you can work as much you want and we will pay you more. Rich people deserved all of everything, they murdered millions of African and sold them. Dont be friend of rich guy.

    What is secret plan of Masons for future? Are they really trying to chip people and commit crimes?
  14. caniponu

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  15. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    I have seen real vampires and i have been discovered universe is imaginary and we are not exist. If you become insane and dont believe, dont focus; you can see how fake and uncertain universe is. If you believe, it becomes real; if you dont believe it becomes fake. If you believe to vampires, you see vampires. We are god and we do not exist.

    I created you and you are behaving just like how i foreseen; i would know that you will not be my friend and you will not be serious. All humans are acting illogical, do you really sure about your existence; what if you are designed by god and you dont have free will? Tell me your childhood.

  16. caniponu

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    I'm not even kidding dude. Go make an appointment with a doctor. Maybe show him this thread or some copies from it. You need help.
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