Please help: Trying to track down a stuck battle issue

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Jon, Jul 21, 2015.

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    Sounds like your internet, computer, or kongregate is at fault. I suggest playing card hunter at , but you will first need to make a password which you can do in game. If you still have problems then I would investigate those other issues.
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    I have try playing on Card Hunter Official website but still have the same problems if not weirs. Is probable just my bad Wi-Fi or PC but still it could be some of the cards I'm using or just because my account was made on Kongregat, Have not won more then two matches now all other I "Freeze" at the draw phase but can come back to keep trying... then "Freeze" at the next draw phase.
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    There should be no reason that having made a card hunter through kong would cause problems.
  4. I have seen it happen a couple times in the last couple weeks, both times it was after I used a low level team based move card like Team Walk! or Walk, Team. Usually it happens after I try to click on the terrain to move my first ally. Both times I had perfect internet but had to close the game because the ally would not move and the UI was still in a state of waiting for me to click but I couldn't. Once I logged back it it would let me move fine.

    Next time I get it, i'll try to get more information!
  5. I believe I have experienced this once, on a team move style card. (given the decks I use a lot, maybe it was a friendly violent spin?) Having not seen this thread at the time. however, I did not think it unusual, and did not record the instance carefully. All I know is that I wasn't playing through Kongregate. (Could have been either steam or website) If I encounter it again, I will report here with all pertinent info.
  6. apake

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    Happens to me in a regular basis every game nowadays. Used to be better at first when patch came out, it freezed like a couple of times during the day. Now it's getting worse, i'm getting stuck at every game 2 to 6 times, with every kind of card (happened with movement, step attacks, walls like flash flood or illusion wall, burst spells, direct spells, buffs and so on. I had a freeze with each type of card for sure). Combat log seems to be working ok, records until the freezing, and chat keeps working too. Guess it will be a hard one to track down :(
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    BM are working on fixing it.
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    My deck, which jammed all over the place, contained each of these bolded cards. I have recently moved away from that deck, and the jamming has ceased.
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  9. haho

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    Past 2 days 4 or 5 games got stuck. Usually when it happens when I try to play a card, it'll freeze on/during an animation of some kind.
  10. Founder

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    Might be unconnected. I just played a game without any of those cards. I played Fireball, which was blocked by Disorienting Block and I was placed out of line of sight. The game immediately showed me the defeat screen, and the battle would not resume when I quit and reloaded the page.
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    Some times the "I'm here" button probet can bug out so even if you pressed it or it just goes away (for some reason, or never pops up, froze when it does) you will still lose/by being kick for AFK but this only resalt of having to reload the game over and over. So anyone got any info on the course of this freezes?
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    The game got stuck in a campaign coop level today (first level of Gladiatorial Arena, Finals) for both players. We were able to continue the battle after reloading.

    I still saved the console log before reloading.
    I am using the Steam client with anim speed at 7.

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  13. Stuck Battle on the third Map of Mauve Manticore 22. Occurred right after AI played Walpurgis Night.

    I'd enter the console log, but I can't as all the walpurgis night attachments and deattachments bump it over 1500 characters.

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    Potato, in the future, c/p it to a text file and attach that when it goes over the forum's direct c/p limit.
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