Please change the location of the "close" button on the Map Editor

Discussion in 'Custom Scenarios and Boards' started by Pokemaster131, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Pokemaster131

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    I was working on a very large map for about an hour and a half. I went to go save it before I put on some finishing touches. Because of the "close" button's very close proximity to the "save" button, I accidentally clicked "close" instead of "save".

    There is no failsafe to stop you from closing the map editor tool, even if you have a work in progress.

    I lost about an hour and a half of work. :(
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  2. BlackVoidDeath

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    1. This should be in the Feedback and Suggestions forum.
    2. I am surprised that a butterfingers like yourself is making maps and misclicking buttons which they know are placed in specific spots.
    Anyway, now that you have done it once, you probably wont do it again and as much as I agree this would be a good feature I doubt this would be far up on BM's to do list.
  3. My doubt is what is in BM to do list. (And I'm talking about improve things that already the game have)

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