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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Jan 11, 2014.

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    I'd classify that under coincidence. Between the test and live servers I've opened about 6,000 - 7,000 chests by now. I haven't seen anything like that. I believe it's happened to you. These things do happen in a pure random system. A managed one would be artificially kept much more innocuous-looking to avoid raising suspicion. A completely random one is free to cough up stuff that's too unbelievable for any respectable fiction.

    I once saw a sheet of paper slip from the top of a file cabinet, do a somersault and slot it's end perfectly between the lip of a closed drawer and the body of the cabinet. Then it just stayed there, hanging, all smug. I pulled it out and it was a tight fit. If that had been filmed, not a body would believe it wasn't CGI. It was totally unbelievable. It still happened. That's true randomness for you.
  2. Flaxative

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    Not a problem, Pengw1n, it is totally on topic. I just wanted to point out that people might start talking past each other if they are discussing systems built on different premises. :)
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    No, that's reasonable. I think the problem might be bigger if the sentiment were more widespread. But this isn't the place for that (so I don't go all off-topic here). :)
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    We should probably start new threads for each of those, since we're no longer talking about the peasant tournament final standings.
  5. Flaxative

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    Feel free :)
  6. Stexe

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    Coincidences occur once, maybe twice... I've had it happen at least 3 times in my 2,000 to 3,000 chests. I'm not saying it is or isn't random, I'm just saying it might warrant investigation. That's all.

    Agreed. I'm not sure what Farbs and other Blue Manchu peeps are looking for though. Thoughts on what could be implemented now, with a little work (API), a medium amount of work (special tournament server), or a huge amount of work (drafting pre-made characters with fully automated systems). Maybe give us some direction Farbs?
  7. Farbs

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    I'm sorry to be vague, but all of these things are useful discussions. Perhaps it'd be best to split this into something like:
    1. Let's Run Tournaments! - incorporating what we can do now, bleeding into what we can do with a little work
    2. The Future of Tournaments - wish lists, long term feature ideas etc
    3. The Nature of Randomness - Unless we already have a thread dedicated to this
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    Back to tournament structure: I like SLGs suggestion way above. Single elimination would be fun, as a bit more randomness for who wins might be a good thing! Upsets make single events more fun. It's not realistic for everyone to aim for ranking frontpage, but everyone can have a short at winning an 8 player elimination tournament. Especially sealed-deck type events. (As an aside, If BM get sealed deck implemented, this should hugely increase player retention.)
    Swiss and single elimination is fun, and perhaps best for a slightly longer tournament than a pickup queue. With 16 minimum you can then have a real battle to reach the top 4 for the elimination round.
    If there was a serious title or major reward at stake, have best of 3 and a fuller setup for those tournaments. Seeded, bracketed, double-elim tournaments with something much more significant on the line over a longer period can really build up anticipation and community around it. There's a place for the equivalent of both Magic:The Gathering Online queued tournaments, and the Dota 2 International. Let's make it happen!
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  9. Phaselock

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    Well, I'm all for starting small and making tourneys automated. Nothing better than to come home from work, sit down, check out the current tourney format, go to keep, scroll down to the tournament clipboard (yh, I know it doesnt exist :p), make my party, exit keep, click an icon and viola ! I'm queued for a tournament ! :) If I win, I keep going. Lose, and I can just re-queue and bug 7 suckers...ahem others to join. Spend an hr losing or winning pizza and go to bed. Then wake up the next day and curse myself for wasting money....only to rinse and repeat. :p

    On the flip side, too many formats all at once is going to be mind-boggling. :eek: Maybe, have some type of small event paired with a larger one on a bi-annual cycle? Shrugs...ideas.
  10. Jarmo

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    I just have one more comment about the randomness, I don't feel it warrants a new thread any more. Apologies about the sidetrack.
    It's not as weird as first seems as the game automatically sorts the loot by rarity. The same two (three with club) common chest items can drop in any order and they will still be presented in the same order. This greatly grows the chance of this happening, especially if it was only two items per chest you're referring to.
    I get that, it's always good to keep an eye out for such things. We'll see if further reports of repeating identical chests turn up.
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    Unsticking as this thread is doing well all on its own. Perhaps we can start those three new threads as described by Farbs (or keep this going as a lot of great discussion has happened here).

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