Ozyola's Oddments #6 Results and Peer Feedback

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    You can post on this thread to give feedback about OO #6 submissions. Remember to be constructive and nice, Ozyola's Oddments is purely a fun social forum event.

    I will announce Ozyola's pick sometimes on the later half of May. I plan to launch OO #7 around that time as well.

    List of OO #6 submissions for feedback:

    Battledress Out of Hell by @Mr. Magnifico
    Full Moon Armor by @seth arue
    Nargil's Demon Sword by @tolkien
    Incompetent Hunter by @Gingrich Yurr
    Nyctophobia by @Maniafig
    Lunging Gator by @CT5
    Run and Gun by @Lucky Dice
    Goblet of Yin and Yang by @BlackVoidDeath
    The Aegis by @WexMajor
    Voodoo Vodka by @Mama Mia
    Domino Noble Blade by @Fanturluche
    Relentless Revenge by @timeracers
    Hat Tricks by @Maloqi
    Cavalryman's Saddle by @Founder
    Boots of Swift Slowness by @Super4011
    Elusion by @SceoMyntan
    Mixed Blessings by @Killer74
  2. Maniafig

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    Quite a though theme this round, hybrid cards are some of CH's most interesting cards mechanically but restricting the submissions to only using hybrid cards also makes a whole lot of themed cards unavailable. It's a good thing that Pawndawan clarified that monster-only and unprinted cards are fine to use as well, since that's where a lot of the more interesting and flavourful hybrid cards come from. There don't seem to be as many submissions to go through this time around, but let's go over them nonetheless.

    Battledress Out of Hell by Mr. Magnifico: This submission manages to accurately convey a theme, there's evil forces sewn into this pretty yet practical dress. The cards all fit together to tell a story, it's a dress made of demon hide which allows the wearer to transform into a swarm of bats, but its demonic nature also curses the wearer. It's an overlooked submission and I like it more now that I analyzed it a bit more.

    Full Moon Armor by seth arue: Walpurgis Night is a really good card for this sort of contest, it's a hybrid card and it's ripe for theming, but I don't feel that the accompanying armors convey the Full Moon theme well.

    Nargil's Demon Sword by tolkien: I believe Nargil is one of CH's legendary characters, but I'm not sure how the cards here fit together. There's a clear unholy bent with the Unholy Wellspring and Demonic Miasma, but then the Parrying Strike doesn't seem like it fits Priests and the Warding Lance runs counter to the demon theme. I do notice that the cards all share a theme of being attack hybrids, but they still lack an element of cohesion that the name would imply.

    Incompetent Hunter by Gingrich Yurr: A cute visual joke, All out Attack's art throws all but the kitchen sink at the enemy but then Skillful Dodge shows it all being, well, dodged. I think it conveys a nice story, but it doesn't work as well as an item since it gives the Skillful Dodges to its namesake incompetent hunter.

    Nyctophobia by Maniafig: My first idea was to make a card based on Teleport Self and Reflexive Teleport called Telefragged but there was no third card to convey the idea well enough so I scrapped it. It was a stroke of luck that I ran into Attack the Darkness, pairing it with Walpurgis Night made perfect sense and then finding a name was just a quick google of "fear of darkness". I decided to go with Arcane Skill over Divine Skill since I felt Attack the Darkness was too Wizard-themed and Wizards generally seem the most frightened of all classes. :p

    Lunging Gator by CT5: For some reason I imagine this item being an inflatable alligator, hence why the attacks don't deal much damage. It's a pretty silly thing to imagine a warrior bringing into combat! I'm just not sure how the Blind Rage fits in there, I assume it's a reference to the Coatldile?

    Run and Gun by Lucky Dice: I think this design suffered from trying to go Highlander while the contest stipulations didn't require it, the theme is clearly running and gunning, but the Skillful Dodge, Attack the Darkness and Cooling Laser have flavour that go unused in the way that are all mixed together. Just sticking to the Surging and Laser Spray cards would have made for a more cohesive design.

    Goblet of Yin and Yang by BlackVoidDeath: This item reminded me a lot of St. Elar's Opposite Droplets, going for a similar contrast theme and even sharing two of the three cards. I do think this item is more cohesive since the Everybody Drink! is more goblet-themed than Misguided Heal is droplet-themed, but I never really got into the Everybody Drink! hype myself so it just didn't stand out enough to me.

    The Aegis by WexMajor: This item feels like it could really be in the game, which would suit it well for an AA submissions but also makes it a bit too simple for my tastes as an OO item. The cards synergize together to form a strong but immobile bastion which suits the item name well.

    Voodoo Vodka by Mama Mia: My personal favourite of the items, it's nice to see the classic Bad Medicine applied so flavourfully! This item does a great job at telling a story, the vodka is spiked, consumed and works it course, casting some potent voodoo hex over whichever poor sod drank it. I really like this design, good job Mama Mia!

    Domino Noble Blade by Fanturluche: This item is similar to Nargil's Demon Sword in that it uses the card types as part of its selling point, but it takes it a step further by really sticking to the theme name-wise and having the card types form a Domino-effect of arranged matching card types. The fumble being pushed over even adds another layer to the domino theme, making it look like the cards are a chain of domino blocks about to all fall over. A fun and clever design.

    Relentless Revenge by timeracers: This feels like another item which could actually exist, it's got a consistent flavour that makes it clear what sort of person would be wielding this type of weapon. I wouldn't mind it if this were added to the game.

    Hat Tricks by Maloqi: This item reminds me a bit of Magician's Hat, though using Wizard's Hat instead which I like, but I'm not sure about the use of Counterspell, Prestidigitation and Wizard's hat evoke the image of a stage magician while Counterspell and Magician's Hat convey the idea of a serious wizard, so combining the three makes me unsure what sort of wizard would wear this hat.

    Cavalryman's Saddle by Founder: The Warding Lance and Leather Harness really evoke the idea of a Cavalryman, the combination makes me think of jousting, but I'm unsure what the Skillful Dodge represents, is it meant to be a steed in the form of a dog? Not much of a cavalry they got there, unless it's an army of Goblins on Wardogs. :p

    Boots of Swift Slowness by Super4011: I see the theme here, pairing movement boosters with a movement handicap, but it just bothers me that the cards in total boost movement by 4 and only hinder by 1, for the item to be in balance I'd prefer it if one of the boosters became a Heavy Armor and it was an even 2/2 match-up.

    Elusion by SceoMyntan: The favourite pick of any warrior with too much energy to spare and trouble staying in one spot! Five out of six cards are all about moving when attacked, suggesting a very reactive sort of warrior who is an elusive target as the name suggests, while the Nimble Strike gives an active movement option as well. It's a cohesive design.

    Mixed Blessings by Killer74: Another set of themes items, these all following the theme of cards that really skirt the edge of being assist cards and attack cards. Since its nerf Savage Curse feels much more like a Curse and less like a Savage Burffting tool and Spark of Undeath is similarly usable as both a crippling but risky curse of a way to get possibly more offense from a character in one turn at a high price. They are both cards that have a certain level of awkwardness of having them completely backfire regardless of how they are used. Unholy Energy feels like an odd duck though, since its 1 damage per non-attack card effect is very easily mitigated with a little armor and it's generally only really an issue on naturally squishy characters or characters with Vulnerable/Fragility Curse and its draw a card effect makes using it on an enemy pretty much forbidden, 1 damage per non-attack card isn't worth the card disadvantage.

    A pretty interesting set of submissions overall, it's good to see that all designs feel distinct given there's a limited number of hybrid cards available. There were a lot of 3-card items this time around, which I think makes sense, I found it easier to convey a theme with a limited amount of cards with just 3 cards instead of 6. I look forwards to what Ozyola has in store for the next contest!
  3. SceoMyntan

    SceoMyntan Fire Demon

    My three votes went to:

    @Fanturluche's Domino Noble Blade. This item not only fits the contest theme but invokes it on another level: hybrid cards look like dominoes. It references two different ways to play dominoes, linking like tiles and tipping them over for a chain reaction; also, Fumble's role as the fallen domino turns it into a hybrid card as far as appearance is concerned. The humor of the item comes necessarily from its being a submission in a hybrid contest. I also find the sideways card very much in the spirit of Ozyola, as it adds absurdity without going quite as far to invent new cards or break the rules of the game. There isn’t much to say about the specific cards on this weapon, and I don’t see what’s ‘noble’ about it, but then, the choice of cards is very much constrained by the domino arrangement. Fumble is a cute choice of handicap for this purpose, considering that it’s been dropped on its side.

    @Maniafig's Nyctophobia. Walpurgis Night means you and everyone else can’t help but transform into monsters—a prospect worrisome enough to compel you to shoot compulsively about you without a second thought. Together, the two mandatory actions lend the item a strong theme. It’d be quite bad indeed in gameplay, but that’s what fear does to you. While Walpurgis and Attack the Darkness aren’t cards we think of side by side at all—at least prior to the Mitternacht campaign modules!—they go together flavorfully and in color scheme.

    @Mama Mia's Voodoo Vodka. These are three cards that are generally difficult to play effectively. Their use is a bit esoteric, and their safety a bit dubious, both of which make them prime ingredients for a voodoo vodka. I like the concept of a drink that cures in the short run but harms in the long; the cards do well to convey that.

    I made Elusion because it amused me to think of a warrior who, hit by a wizard’s spell, somehow makes it all the way to the other side of the map—traveling backwards, probably, due to Jump Back—in order to attack someone else instead. The name is also a reference to the notorious staff Illusion.
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