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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by yuno44907a, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Thank you for free game that i play days and feel happy after sadness. I feel sad because of i cant pay.

    4 different players in a map fighting with each other. Turn based teamless deathmatch. No one did this game.

    Cards that combo with each other and consume other cards in your hand.

    I believe we must be able to hold more cards in our hands. I dont like this drawing system.

    A more OP stronger charge card.

    Playing as not human things and some creatures may take more slots than humans like a dragon being equal to 3 men. I want to be machine gun robot.

    Special OP race traits and cards. In this meta dwarves are OP. Because you have more hp and maybe more power gems for free. Also elf mages can be annoying too.

    Some cards very op; other cards very weak not too much balanced.

    Passive abilities like traits but cant be removed, always active and always come to your hand.

    All werewolves are completely same. We must be able to customize our transformation decks.

    Card hunter survival Moba game. You loot stuff from animals use them to craft things (like potions) or getting stronger. Other players can kill you. You can build pets or buildings. As games goes animals will be more strong so you cant survive.
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  2. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    Thank you for free post that i read days and feel happy after sadness. I feel sad because of i cant like.

    You can just do 2 vs 2 co-op.

    You'll like most of the boost traits in the game, as well as cards like Wild Run and Controlled Overswing.

    I don't have a silly quip about this, I personally liked Loot and Legends allowing the retention of three cards at the end of each turn.

    Rocket Charge? No, it's not good enough! We need Obliterating Smashing Brutal Rocket Charge!!

    Don't we all? :(

    I thought something was off when you were asking for more OP traits, but when you suggested elf mages are competent I truly knew you are from an alternate dimension.

    The solution to some cards being very OP is to add even more super special OP traits!

    I also think traits aren't good enough and need less counterplay.

    You're thinking too small! Customizable random laser melee decks!! Customizable malfunction decks!!! We need cards that let us customize our opponents' decks!!!!

    I wasn't sure where this was all leading up to, but it all makes sense now.
  3. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I want this, plus a REALLY buff version.
    Indeed. Happiness is a belt fed weapon. Or sometimes, bacon.
    Eating bacon while firing a belt fed weapon must truly be bliss.
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  4. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Charge as a step attack. Area effect like fireball. Like rhino charge and enemy team obliterated. Also we could use hexagons in game.

    Also imagine an card hunter mmorpg game you loot houses kill zombies and sell cards to players??
    When you die; you lose everything you carry and a level or maybe there should be no levels just items you carry and you can combine items for upgrade infinitely. When you trade item it loses a level it is level 0 it gets deleted or cant be traded. Also when you kill players their items will lose a level while you loot.

    Also a moba deathmatch game but you get stronger as you die but less deaths more kills will win the game when time is up. Also when time is over you cant respawn and it keeps going until everyone death. Last player will get killed by monsters.

    C'mon men; you can easily add new game mods to the game. We need to make youtube videos and spamm the twitter. You will get rich. Basicly Card Hunter is best video game. There is also a game called labyrinth; learn that game they added fury system for ultimate moves and very nice bosses that summon. However card hunter way better because card hunter is very unbalanced and ridiclous. Also that game dont have luck or dice rolls so it is boring.
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  5. If you're willing to fund a million dollars to pay for development time for a whole team of developers, then I'll make this card hunter moba mmorpg that you desperately desire. I'll even add loot boxes for you.
  6. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Even when you open them it will say; epic epic golden common rare and there will be sparkless and shine. I have problems while connecting the forum. Also my rivals always disconnecting and i am getting free wins.

    Trait +3 armor duration 1; name: Hold On. I am a mushroom warrior; i am high as hell.
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