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    Astronautas grabaron al planeta Tierra con cámaras RED en 4K - YouTube
    NASA said this video is real. I am sure it is fake.

    Where are the cities? Why there is too many different grass colors and sand colors? It looks Earth is nearly completely empty but actually there is 140 X 140 meters per human so Earth has to be filled with humans. I am serious this video really looks like fake There is only green forrests, white yellow barren lands and white snowy mountains and Earth very very look flat but if it is flat than why it has many different colors. Earth looks really fake. Also think about shape of Earth; there is mountains, rivers, drinking water; where all of this stuff we consume and use coming from? What about winds and cloud movements and speed of that space vehicle? Is this space station and how long was this video and how fast was station moving. There is no thunders, storms, rains. Seriously this video is fake. Also live broadcast of NASA wasnt live; i watched entire video and it is looping. There is too much land in this video but &70 of Earth has to be ocean and lands look very small on Yandex Maps. 17:00 There is turkey and you see snow at south beach of Turkey; which is imposible; south coast of Turkey never snows Never. Even İstanbul didnt snow for last 4 years.18:24 computer made snows at north as you can see shapes things look nearly same. Why did video end at Turkey?
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    I cannot connect to forum.
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    I honestly never expected to read that in a forum post.
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    I am serious. And electric eels cant be exist so i feel like Earth is fake because there is many imposible animals that exist and surviving.

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