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    "As you see it" simply means as you understand it. Surveying, discussion, and the impressions of others can all figure in to how you came to your understanding. I'm not saying your understanding is invalid.
    I believe KiraNis was discussing loot value. From that perspective, treasure hunt's probably aren't worth buying.
    Exactly. That's why "(expansion content) is a must if you're a PvE-focused player" sounds a bit strong to me. I've known several long-term PvE players who never bought treasure hunts. I suggest something more like:

    If you're a PvE-focused player, you should check out the treasure hunt and expansion (AotA and EttSC) content. Previews are available in the wiki. If you're undecided you can ask someone to host a treasure hunt for you in co-op, but you'll only get 2-item chests if you haven't unlocked the adventure.

    If you don't feel the test server option is appropriate, don't include it, but I expect there are some players who would prefer that method.

    In any case, I encourage players to use the test server. Few will, but I'd at least like them to know there is one.

    I've bought all the available content for my main account, but there are quite a few I don't enjoy playing. So I don't.
    I don't have buyer's remorse, but I believe others might, and I think any "Try Before You Buy" method could help.
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  2. DunDunDun

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    Sorry, thought you were implying [my] personal opinion.

    And I'd argue that treasure hunts ARE worth buying for loot- but only if you stay around long enough to get fairy a few times at it [which with co-op bonus and double-dipping gives dramatically more loot than chests].

    I'll review the entire pizza-recommendation section in a bit-

    Definitely worth noting the various ways of testing adventures, at least :)
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  3. boothwah

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    So - basically is there any reason to make a fourth (or fifth or sixth) character? After hitting 4th level I was thinking I wished my cleric was human so I started a new one, but I noticed the old level 1 adventures are scrubbed off the map. Do you basically have to try to carry a new character through a couple of higher level adventures to level them?
  4. Pawndawan

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    You have to play with lvl 1 Priest for the first time too, since you recruit him/her after the lvl 1 tutorial battles. :) Taking underleveled character to an adventure is fast way to level up:
    Regarding creating / leveling up more characters. After you've completed the SP campaign, you unlock quests. Some of the quests require you to beat an adventure with a party of certain race and/or class. So eventually, if you're completionist or just want some change, creating and leveling up additional characters can't be avoided. :)
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  5. DunDunDun

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    More notably, note that the level 3 adventures are basically balanced with level 1 characters in mind.
    Though if you're having trouble with some of the trickier level 3 adventures, you can just farm the troglodyte ones over and over, they're absurdly easy.

    In any case, there's also a level 10 tavern you unlock later that lets you hire level 10 adventurers [for 100 gold each, versus the level 1 adventurer price of 10 gold], so that's an option for you if you're not as keen on repeating content.

    I, on the other hand, loved rerunning low level content with new builds, and have run around 30 characters through, now :)

    If you're PvP-minded, though, and never plan on doing Quest challenges, no, there's no real necessity to running new builds through.

    If you do want the guaranteed rare item and sense of satisfaction that Quests give a more PvE-minded player for completing them, you'll have to consider getting 3 elven wizards- and 3 dwarven priests and human warriors, if I recall correctly.

    Those combinations aside, I'm not sure if any racial-class combinations are actually necessary, other than for your own satisfaction and build versatility.
  6. It's easier if you've made enough progress earlier to get some nice low-level gear, since the low-level adventures have to assume you have very little of that sort. You also later on unlock a tavern which lets you recruit level-10 characters, if you'd rather spend the extra 90 gold rather than level them up.

    One reason you might create a character even if you don't plan to level him up is if you're only using him for PvP -- every character is treated as level 18 for that purpose regardless of actual level. Maybe you find a lot of wizard gear during the campaign and want to try out three dwarf wizards in multiplayer -- you don't have to actually run them through the campaign for this, but you can just recruit a few level 1s at 10 gold each and they'll still have the full health and tokens as every other character in PvP.
  7. KiraNis

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    Sorry about that been told I come across as an asshole a lot *shrug* not trying to be mean.

    and thank you for being helpful.
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  8. DunDunDun

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    I don't follow? Not sure anyone referred to you negatively in any way :p
  9. KiraNis

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    didin't have to it happens often enough for me to be aware of it.
  10. jo11190

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    Hey guys, new player here.

    I'm level 8 right now and I read everywhere that it's possible to buy the Attack of the Artifact expansion with pizza slices.

    I searched everywhere on the UI (both steam and web) and don't find the option to buy it with pizza - anywhere. Only with cash.

    As I don't need the collectibles I'd much rather just spend the pizza money and buy the PvE stories. Can anyone point me how that's done?

  11. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    How much pizza do you have? You can buy the treasure hunts by clicking on them when you encounter them. There are two series, one that starts at lower levels and then another group that takes place very late game.
  12. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    As Stexe said, you can buy them with pizza as soon as you enter the first locked one.
    You'll get a discount if you purchase the whole set at once, compared to the single purchase price.
  13. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Once you beat Valley of Tezkal (which is free), Beneath Tcotzac will show up on the map. When you visit it, you'll have to option to buy just that one for 40 pizza, or all five of the AotA treasure hunts for 150 pizza.

    EttSC works the same way: Metallic Monstrosity is free, and you can buy the other five for 40 pizza each or together for 150 pizza.
  14. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    Much like any good drug dealer, Jon gives you the first hit for free.
    Then you open your wallet willingly to get more..
    (Sorry for the small bottom font size :X)
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