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  1. Naraxis

    Naraxis Mushroom Warrior

    Hello everyone! It's time for my Card Hunter Beta Diary: Day 1!
    Well, my elf warrior Stephanie (who you know if you read my winning beta key contest entry) is doing well in her new life. She enjoys bashing the skulls of various creatures in. She's also found two companions! One is a dwarf mage named Gromrik, the other a human priest named Disgavqin. (I think starting these diaries with a bit of a story about my characters would be nice and make these diaries a bit less boring, so that's what I'm going to do.)
    To the serious thoughts:
    • After playing for about 4-5 hours total my characters are all level 4, but my priest feels left behind since he is half a level behind my warrior and thus has to go through an entire adventure before reaching her level only to be left behind again after the next one. I think boosting the starting xp of your first priest by, say, 10 would be great for appeasing those of us who are slightly OCD when it comes to video games.
    • The initial difficulty curve really cleaned my clocks. Like, I'm talking rage inducing levels. It could have very well been my incompetence... but it felt like having no armor cards whatsoever for my characters to start out with since they simply lacked an equip slot for anything that gave them armor was really a huge problem. Heading to my first adventure in Cavern of the Troglodytes was very exciting and I basically steamrolled it... but then I unlocked Lair of the Trog Wizzard and started to tear my hair out. My lack of armor cards completely negated my party's ability to survive and I had to actually come back when I was level 3 to beat it. Could have been lack of luck or competence but it didn't feel that way.
    -The other adventures went pretty well and Highway Robbery (level 4) was ridiculously easy... Until I got to the final map where a Goblin Hulk proceed to freakin' one shot poor Stephanie. Had to retry that one but the second go through was really easy.
    Basically if you kinda suffer through the first level or two everything improves drastically from there and you don't really feel like you're inadequate due to lack of equipment.
    That's it for today's Diary, I hope to put up another tomorrow but semester finals may interfere with that. I also hope to post videos every now and then if I find a particularly fun adventure or just to show people who haven't seen much of the game. Thanks for reading, and have a great day! (Good luck on getting your Beta Keys!)
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  2. Naraxis

    Naraxis Mushroom Warrior

    Hey all! No written diary today, was busy getting my video producing software all organized and running! First video is uploaded now!

    The only thing I really did is play the prison break adventure... it kicked my butt 2 times before I won. (video is of a couple turns in Dungeon of the Lizard Priest)

    Please subscribe to my youtube channel, it'll really help me out and you can be notified the instant I put up Card Hunter videos!

  3. Hallas

    Hallas Mushroom Warrior

    Nice vid! The video quality is excellent. Audio-wise, the game's volume is a little high, while you're a little low and slightly muffled.

    I was thinking again on what you could focus on for the videos - have you thought about doing something like a dev diary where you go over certain features? That way, you can keep the videos pretty short, direct, and very informative. You can always throw in a good ol' adventure, too, if you want :)
  4. Naraxis

    Naraxis Mushroom Warrior

    Yeah I've got to work on the audio balance a bit so hopefully the next video will be better. As for my vocal quality i'm recording on a crappy headset so I'll just have to see what I can do without investing in an expensive recording mic.

    My plan for the future was to do a map or two in a video (perhaps doing the first two maps off-camera then doing the more exciting ones during recording) and go over what's going through my head as well as core components to consider when taking actions. I'll also probably go over some keywords and in my first gameplay video I'll go over the core components of playing the game. Thanks for your feedback and I hope you'll enjoy my future videos!
  5. Scyrax

    Scyrax Mushroom Warrior

    Great intro video to your diary series! I don't really have any recommendations for content I'd like to see; I just want to see everything so I'm happy seeing anything. :D

    PS You've got a great narrative voice - despite the mic :3 I vote that you keep the audio commentary.
  6. Drakeye

    Drakeye Kobold

    yea voice really appealing, just have fun playing the game :)
  7. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Yup, clear and concise voiceover (mic is somewhat tinny, but that is a minor complaint), as suggested good idea to focus on features if you want to rather than playthroughs. Keep it up!
  8. Gabe

    Gabe Kobold

    I really liked it. One idea for what you could do in one of your next videos is deckbuilding (since its my favorite part of the game). Just explaining what kind of deck you wanna build and compairing all the options for each slot.
  9. Sansin

    Sansin Kobold

    Excellent work! Can't wait to see the next vid!
  10. Gabbek

    Gabbek Orc Soldier

    Great idea! That would be really great to see :)
  11. Shinigami

    Shinigami Kobold

    keep up the good work
  12. DenieD

    DenieD Mushroom Warrior

    Looks good, grats on winning the contest :)
  13. Naraxis

    Naraxis Mushroom Warrior

    Card Hunter Diaries: Day 2

    Stephanie is mad at me for letting her get killed so much. My dwarf is mad at me because Stephanie is mad at me. My priest is off smoking his holy weed and doesn't seem to care.

    -I didn't really play at all the past couple days, Got killed on Dungeon of the Lizard Priest twice, once you can see in my latest Youtube video which should be uploaded later tonight.

    Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see my latest Card Hunter Let's Learn video which should be finished uploading in an hour or so but I'll have likely gone to bed by that time.

    Let me know what you think and as always what I might improve on. Thanks for your continued support and have a great day!
  14. Naraxis

    Naraxis Mushroom Warrior

    Video for day 2 is up!

  15. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Nice and informative, don't worry about the occasional "umming" or smacking - most people don't even notice, and you're still learning the trade. I'd say you're doing fine, so stop apologizing. :)

    However, you'r strategy wasn't all that great in this vid, keeping out of los would make sense on a bigger map, or against ranged foes - these 2 range lizardmen just took advantage of it.
  16. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    I have to completely agree i had no idea that i sounded like i was enjoying a coughdrop while repetedly kissing someone until i listened to my own commentary in post >.<
  17. Naraxis

    Naraxis Mushroom Warrior

    Haha, isn't that the truth.
  18. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    How do you guys get good audio commentary in your videos? I tried to record live along with me playing using Xsplit on, but there was so much awful background noise that I had to disable my mic.
  19. Naraxis

    Naraxis Mushroom Warrior

    I use Fraps, which I paid $37 for so it's probably going to be better than Xsplit which was free... since I've never used Xsplit I don't know but that's my guess.
  20. Jesus669

    Jesus669 Orc Soldier

    Use a pop filter (basically foam) and do a few tests to make sure you are talking to an audience instead of your friends.

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