Mysteries in the Dark

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by spiderneome, Jan 14, 2018.

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    The old thread was starting to get huge and unwieldy, so here's a fresh new one!

    I'd like to take a moment and try to quickly summarize some of the outstanding card mysteries we have yet to solve, complete with relevant links!
    • What is the function of the black boxes at the bottom of Maze of the Mind?
    • What card colors are missing from Jon's summary? What do they do?
    • Related to the above... What is the full untold story of Black cards?
    Did I miss any that we've previously had some hints about? I realize that there's actually a lot we don't know about the cards and deck-building, but I decided it might be worthwhile to try and limit the list to stuff we might be able to puzzle through without wild, pure, unadulterated speculation. :)

    I'm gonna quote Jon's card color post here for reference, since it relates to two of those points...

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