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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by TonySF, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. TonySF

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    Whatsup I only play triple wizards. Here is my current build:

    Level 10 Elf Wizard

    Level 1 Human Wizard

    Level 9 Human Wizard
    Forval's Teak Staff
    Command Stone
    Command Stone
    Ring Of Appropriation
    Ring Of Appropriation
    Poltergeist's Cape
    Bertha's Big Clogs
    Subtle Positioning
    Novice Teleportation

    1 x Walk
    1 x Subtle Parry
    2 x Vanguard
    1 x Potent Spark
    4 x Gusts Of War
    2 x Hypnotic Beacon
    6 x Punishing Bolt
    1 x Reliable Mail
    4 x Stone Spikes
    2 x Officer's Harness
    1 x Flash Of Agony
    6 x Telekinesis
    1 x Ancient Grudge
    1 x Freeze
    2 x Dimensional Traveller
    1 x Force Bolt

    The main idea: obviously if you have true silver you have to use it. the rust creatures glands are for people with armor thats not monster hide. hypno beacon is overpowered so get a couple of those on there too. the next wizard used to be a cold wiz but these maps have a lot of little obstacles that I like to use burst to get around. for the last wiz, i like punishing bolt but i only have one threadripper.
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  2. Sasoo8

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    When you play three wizards, you need to have a solid strategy that has an answer to most of the "meta" builds and a way to compound your advantage over time.

    You seem to have a ton of control on each wizard, as well as 3 hypno beacons to keep warriors and priests at bay, ensuring that most teams will not have the mobility to reach your wizards. The damage output is also good, with AoE burst damage and Single target punish/silver damage, which are also answers to werewolves and martyred warriors. So, in general, i think your build is solid versus most Ranked teams (if a bit control/ TK heavy).

    The glaring weakness in your build, however, is versus other wizards. With no illusory barriers and only range 4 control, and hypnos being much less effective against other wizards, you will struggle versus high damage output wizards such as fire wizards or any single wizard supported by a martyr/heals.

    If you have good sources of illusory barrier, such as Illusion or Phantom pain or Ixtli Amulet, I highly suggest putting a couple in your build in place of Luke's iron hand/ Ring of appropriation. Having an appropriate number of illusories synergizes with your control, deny line of sight to other wizards, and can also prevent priest heals/support, giving your build a new avenue of play against wizard builds (not to mention denying bless terrain). Another thing to consider is to replace the rings of appro/ luke's iron hand on your Burst wizard with Runestones, giving you a source of range 8 terrain to further override bless and range 6 control to isolate enemy wizards (and squeamish not affecting bursts at all).

    One last tweak to consider is adding one, two, or three arcane auras to your burst wizard. Drawing just one arcane aura will improve the damage output of all subsequent arcane bursts by 50%, and this is the type of scaling-up that wizard teams need.
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  4. TonySF

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    I tweaked the burst wizard to be more utility and got to high 1500s for a bit.
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