My stablest deck for Return to the CoC.

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  1. stupid531

    stupid531 War Monkey

    the idea is simple , it makes the game simple , and it is super funny in a simple way!
    i name this deck " kame kame kame priests! " :D
    ( 3 same dwarf priests )

    parry and cushioning armor should be enough for dealing with any melee-monsters.
    after you clear them with the unique "kame kame" tempo ,
    you can charge with the wings of faith to kiss goodbye those range-monsters.

    about the "tempo".
    because there are 6 impetuous heal , sometimes you will bring an injured enemy back to full health.
    So start your attack carefully , when you do it , you finish it fast.
    All three cards in the divine skill are very useful to start a wave of attack ,
    after one wave , enjoy a little moment of peace , appreciate the well-deserved blessing.

    btw , this deck can easily deal with "Doom" since there are plenty of attachment cards.
    i've played it many times and none of those is a failure attempt,
    all i get is more and more fun so i really want to share!

    a little tip: all the "nice" terrains will attract monsters and make them forget about their jobs for a while!

    thank you so much for reading :D
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  2. leypse

    leypse Kobold

    Though I sincerely want to try it out, I have not finished off my coc module yet..
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  3. stupid531

    stupid531 War Monkey

    i understand. coc is just impossible. here is how i did it.
    get a time machine , skip the impossible step 1 , back to the future and return to the return to the coc.

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