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    This is my first post, so I guess I'll do my mp build. Idk if its bad but its mine I guess. For my warrior, I basically tried to fix his movement problems and get him to do as much damage as I can with movement in mind. My elf is just a standard vamp build with some extra emphasis on toughness, I just thought having cushioning armor with a vamp would be op. For my human I pretty much made a budget buffer priest mainly focused on unholy wellspring and touch of death, I tried to make a good support character that still has good damage. My whole party is basically based on doing lots of damage, I don't do tricky control stuff or have a real strategy, just staying in the victory squares and doing lots of damage. If you have any card suggestions, keep it reasonable, I don't have thousands of gold so if there are any rares or maybe some epics you wanna suggest then please do so.

    Ruhan of the Fomori
    Level 20 Dwarf Warrior

    Level 20 Elf Priest

    Adamaro First to Desire
    Level 20 Human Priest
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    Here's an image of (most of) the items in your build to have a visual of all the cards. I just like being able to see the items instead of them written out.

    I'll be blunt: there are a lot of things wrong with this setup. Fear not, I'll be here to help!

    For starters, let's look at what you want your objective for this deck to be:

    A better way to have victory square control is to provide your priests (well, the human one) with Impenetrable Nimbus cards. One of the best items for this is the Shielding Token since it costs 1 blue minor token and gives 2 of the cards. The Consuming Spear card is considered a "dead card" because it doesn't really help you that much, meaning if you draw this card or any other type of dead cards, you'll have to wait another turn to draw more cards. The value of the 2 nimbus cards is worth the dead card. I recommend replacing all 3 of the Charcoal Talismans to Shielding Tokens if you're going through with the suggestion.

    If you're wanting to get that powerful Unholy Wellspring card, use the Axe Of The Dark Soul and/or the Demon Charm Of The 7th Circle instead of the Charcoal Talisman. The demon charms are definitely worth using a major token since they have a Demonic Power card as well.

    With victory control as the objective in mind, blocks help avoid a wizard's spells from being able to control your location. This is why some wizards are referred to as "control wizards". They use popular cards like Telekinesis and Winds Of War. Your Slippery Shield is able to block those attacks and block melee attacks, however, consider this:
    • Slippery Shield isn't worth the major token because, on a warrior, major tokens are more useful for other items like your weapon or armor (unless the shield is top-tier like an Aegis Of The Defender). The 3 Hard To Pin Down cards are also not worth using for a major token. A Parrying Buckler is better for victory control because not only does it protect against warriors that are competing against the victory squares (with a 83.33% chance of blocking), you get to draw another card from your deck if it does block. Rook is another great alternative if you want protection against melee and magic. These are only rough suggestions.
    • The Massive Chop card is similar to having a Raging Strike card (like the axe on the human priest) in your hand. If your opponent knows you have it, they can gain a HUGE advantage. Think of it this way: every time you try to block, you go from having a 66.67% chance of blocking to half that amount with a 33.33% chance. The other cards on Guztuk's Giant Gutter aren't good enough to compensate for this factor which makes this item not even worth using in multiplayer.
      • If you're looking to do high damage to the enemies, replace the weapon with something like a Bejeweled Shortsword, switching the major power token from your shield to your weapon. It provides the highest amount of damage out of any other weapon with 58 total possible damage from its cards.
    • Your dwarf warrior is a glass cannon, where you have the potential to do lots of damage but take in just as much damage. This is bad for your objective because he can't sustain for long on the victory square once you've blown off all your attacks. The priests aren't able to provide protection (i.e. healing) as well. Switch your Cuirass Of Froth for Dependable Mail or other armors that'll help soften the blow of the enemy's attacks. You can change your helmet to a Crusty Helm as well since the cards on Fool's Coif are not worth using it (remember that Quick Reactions has only a 50% chance of triggering, let alone against only magic/projectile attacks and not melee).
    • Bless is a great card to bring on the human priest. If you're going to be stationary on the victory point, using this near the end of your turn gives your dwarf a better chance at staying there with the extra card draw. On top of that, the blessed terrain stays there for 2 turns letting you get another extra card draw on the next turn assuming you stick on the point.
    Keep in mind that each character has 36 cards to choose from (37 if you include the default movement card), thus you have a very low chance of drawing the Cushioning Armor from Zod's Vile Spaceplate.

    I'm just saying that having 1 Cushioning Armor card doesn't make your character a "cushion char". It is pretty good build though, just keep in mind that Vampire's Kiss has a chance of replacing your opponent's card with a Vampire's Kiss (as if you handed the card to them lol), then they can use it to get rid of your armor. Try to use the card when they have 0 cards left to prevent this scenario from happening.

    If you want your human priest to have the best of both worlds, it'll only do decent or worse for supporting and damage. You'll likely end up drawing the wrong cards in gameplay. Having your priest focus on one or the other is better because the card draws are more reliable. Even though it might not do damage if you build it for supporting or vice versa, it will be significantly more helpful in gameplay than the "all-around" type of priest.

    Something to point out: your priest's Unholy Wellspring can trigger your warrior's Frenzy Aura which will make you discard the card. This makes the Cuirass of Froth useless to bring in the deck.

    Your human priest is a glass cannon like the warrior. They can deal high amounts of damage but are very prone to taking in just as much damage. There are also little to no repercussions for your opponent for risking their characters to damage you. What I mean by this is that, for example, if a character had Martyr Blessing applied on them, your opponent knows that you get to draw a free card every time they damage you. Your warrior does have Vengeance which helps with the movement issue, but being a glass cannon is going to hurt a lot more (literally, hehe) than having low movement.

    Another thing to point out: Evensong is a very popular priest item that you can use because you get the best of damage and support on all the cards. This item is a reward from the "But A Trifle (Hard)" adventure if you don't want to wait to get it from a chest. You will need to use pizzas to unlock it if you haven't already and is also the last adventure in the AI modules (so you won't see it on the map until you beat the other AI quests).

    Other Item Replacement Tips

    I will cover any other items that I didn't already above.

    The Dwarf Warrior
    Mouse Boots - The Cantrip effect on Flanking Move will only apply if you are NOT next to the enemy where you end. As a warrior, you want to be next to the enemy, making the boots counter-intuitive to use on any warrior. These boots are much better to use for priests and wizards.

    Tough Charger - Apprentice Ferocity and Raging Battler both give 2 Blind Rage cards for extra damage if you're into that, although they are epic and legendary rarities. If you can't get either skill, Tough Charger is good enough to keep for now.
    • Look into using Lucky Toughness on any dwarf class that you want to have protection for. It is a highly popular dwarf skill, especially among wizards and is easy to get/buy because it's an uncommon rarity.
    Untrained Lycanthropy - Reckless Lycanthropy is a slightly better alternative.

    The Elf Priest
    Cautious Mobility - Having this skill on the priest does more harm to you than help. Every time you take damage while having Elven Maneuvers applied, you'll be discarding 2 cards from the priest's deck (except for Hard to Pin Down from the Argo's Boots). Cautious Trickery or Healthy Trickery give you that Elven Trickery card to let you get close to use those healing attacks while getting rid of potentially fatal attacks. Try to end the move on at least 2 or 3 of the opponent's characters so that they all discard their oldest attack card.

    Argo's Boots - Switch the Mouse Boots on the warrior with these boots, especially if you get something like Spear Of Darkness where you can flank the enemy, let Cantrip trigger and let you move again, and then attacking. Argo's Boots itself isn't a good item. Don't let Officer's Harness fool you into thinking it's a great card; if you draw this card, you could have drawn any other card (which are all better than getting the harness).

    The Human Priest
    I recommend making a new priest setup that's focused to provide support for your warrior. Here's an example build I made:

    If you've got questions/comments, feel free to ask.
    phew I'm done
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    wow, thanks a lot for this, I'll make sure I fix ALL of my characters problems, oh and i just use fool's coif for card draw and cycling, since at least to me obvious maneuver isn't that bad of a handicap
  4. zin1000

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    This is my try on it, I don't know if the priest is going to be great but hopefully I can get better cards in the future

    Ruhan of the Fomori
    Level 20 Dwarf Warrior

    Level 20 Elf Priest

    Adamaro First to Desire
    Level 20 Human Priest
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    Try to play the campaign missions every day. You have a good chance of getting some rare-quality items. Your deck can definitely be better, even with common/uncommon items from the level shops. Take a look at Testlum's "Purple Peasants" post here for a list of examples.
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    Consider healing dash on vamp priest.

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