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    Greetings all! I'm Ystaeth in game and i would like you to present my CoC (1st stage) and RttCoC farming deck.

    First we have to answer this question: Why RttCoC?

    Answer is: RttCoC means random maps with random monsters which your party must prepared all kind of dangers without knowing who lurks from shadows. Your party will encounter all kind of monsters, debuffs, damages, obstances etc. It means your party must be solid.

    My Deck against there is:

    Khadgar Ironfist
    Level 23 Dwarf Warrior

    Sister Rosa the Healer
    Level 23 Dwarf Priest

    Lavok the Arcmage
    Level 23 Dwarf Wizard

    Logic: Mage got different terrain spells for blocking los, terrain for sometimes damage when it safes. Mage's key is Smoke Bomb. Smoke Bomb which drags all ranged monsters, spearmans, mage-like creatures, bombardiers into the mist. Thanks to the ready to strike and chops, those crowds are falling quickly. Yes, it also blocks your sights too but dont worry, your priests heal doesnt needed Los, since cushion has reduced damage to 5, healing + team heal heals 4, meaning of you only take 1 damage. I tried it many times. just sit in smoke, take your time for getting cards and enjoy the game.

    Please whisper me if you have questions.


    Q:Is this only for RttCoC?
    A:No. It works nearly all maps but sadly you need tokens for it. Even if you got right draws mage can close terrain in Sanctum of the Cyber Tyrant which is 1-1-1 dangerous map. You can use it on scenario safely.

    Q:Why we are taking smoke instead of ranged magic damage?
    A:Because many ranged mobs are dangerous such as muchers, archers, oak bombardiers, ranged mutants etc. You have to be safe for preparing your further moves.

    Q:What if i encounter all melee map?
    A:It would be perfect! There is many terrain also that mage got such as firewall, acid and flood. Use them wisely and bring your victory.This isnt build against ranged, this is build for disabling and kiting in safe.

    Q:Why not illusionary barrier instead of smoke?
    A: Because when smoke casts, mobs are rushing to your party. It got higher area controller than barrier and when barrier successfuly casted, mobs are trying to avoid and still keeping you in range.

    Q:What if we encountered high health mobs with armors?
    A: Dont worry. I encounter Golems(27 hp ones) and trolls in same time and successfully defeated. Your priest and warrior got sunders and you got many ways to drawing it. Also we got high cycle for warrior and good draw rate for priest. Even if you didnt draw fear not, this build strong enough to save you many rounds against them.


    -Saves you many ranged monsters
    -Drags ranged monsters in so you dont need to chase
    -Effectively against high crowds
    -Can bring down all bosses in this game
    -Safe build for patient players
    -Safely you can use dwarves without chasing mobs.


    -Doesnt blocks cone attacks such as force cone, camera scans, robot's laser cones
    -Needs some initiate for casting smoke again when its duration is over
    -You have to wait till sunder comes some turns when encountered skeletons or trees with bark armor or getting attack card from priest
    -After smoke cast, mobs are turning into crazy and rushes wildly. This deck for experienced players.

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