Mutant World Cup

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  1. Hello all. This is my first attempt so go easy on me :) Tell me what you think. I wanted this to be fun and unpredictable and not too easy. Hope you enjoy it.


    The Mutant World Cup is upon us! Your team managed to reach the finals and you are now facing the best team of the tournament. But things aren’t looking good at the moment. The opponents have a better team than you and one of your defenders has been sent out by the referee cameras which appear to have been tampered with. To make matters worse, the ball itself has mutated into a horrific brain creature, due to the radiation of the players, and is now attacking you! Can you win against all odds and become champions of the world?


    The crowd cheers and chants your names as you raise the World Cup! It was a tough and exciting match but you managed to overcome all the obstacles! All hail the new Kings of the King of Sports! Your team’s sponsor, Blue Manchu, has already sent some gifts that await you in the locker room. You shall bathe in goblin champagne tonight!

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  2. BlackVoidDeath

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    I have literally finished another one of my maps, which is also to do with mutants - then went to post it on the forums and found this, posted 7 minutes ago.
    I will let you get some feedback/attention before posting my own.
    Now that my ramble is over: comments on your map.
    With some modifications I think this can turn out to be a very fun map.
    First of all, I suggest using the fit to tiles or whatever its called for the victory terrain squares.
    Then I think this is very hard - I think either taking away enemy units or adding your own would be a good idea.
    I suggest taking away two enemy brutes and one rumbling.​
    Lastly, I suggest splitting up the player's brutes into two groups of two.
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  3. Thank you for your feedback BlackVoidDeath.
    Excuse my ignorance but what is this "fit to tiles" you are referring to and what does it do? Note that you don't need to get on the victory terrain to win this, but it sure helps. In fact it's one way to control the randomness of the outcome.
    The difficulty of the scenario isn't that hard once you kill the "ball". I expect that someone will win half the times. To tell you the truth I was thinking about setting the "ball" to respawn every two rounds but that would be too irritating, although challenging.
    As for the last part, I wished I could do that but I already have 5 groups of monsters.
  4. Khyle345

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    I think what he meant is the "snap to grid" feature on the doodads which automatically aligns the doodad to the grid, Useful for the vp.
  5. BlackVoidDeath

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    I mean the snap to grid box when you place the victory terrain doodads.
    I will try that out, thanks.
  6. Yes, seems that the snap was off in those squares (the blue one too). Anyway I updated this and made it a tad more difficult by placing the "ball" a little closer to the opposing team. Will also split the brutes as BVD suggested so you can't kill the cameras fast.
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  7. BlackVoidDeath

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    Thats not why I suggested it, but that works too!
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  8. Updated! It's much more challenging.

    Here are some tips that will help:
    1. Try to kill the "Ball" first of all or he will respawn killed enemies. The Rumbling Mutant is invaluable for that purpose.
    2. After killing the "Ball" go for the Security Cameras and the Cyber Boss (blue mutant).
    3. If you hit a camera with Paralytic Poison, you practically disable it for one round as cameras only have movement cards.
    4. Watch out for that Retaliatory Mutation and Laser Spray combo. Adaptable armor is a must to have
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  9. Maniafig

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    I have to say, despite this map taking me 6 attempts, none of them were similar in the slightest. :p

    I like the framing of the fight as being the Mutant World Cup finals, there's some nice flavour text and it's an amusingly silly concept.

    The map itself looks rather plain, it's a serviceable ball game field but I think there could be more detail around the edges and more doodads on the field so it doesn't look like plain unmarked grass. The portal in the middle field is a nice touch and I'd like to see more details like that. Triple Duel is a nice example of how to make borders for this sort of arena-style map.

    The gameplay is the most intersting bit about this map. Any map with Mutants in it will end up being chaotic and luck-based but I think this map takes the cake! In these 6 attempts I've seen the weirdest things happen, from unending Laser Sprays to everyone in a team promptly applying for jobs, which was quite nice when the applicants were my team but not so much when it was the enemy team. There's plenty of Rad Pulses and the potential for Laser Malfunctions and Retaliatory Mutations means there's plenty of cards being created which makes for enjoyable chaos on the field, I'd say Oozeball should watch out for competition from the Mutant World Cup.

    It is a very difficult map however, the odds are stacked heavily in the opponent's favour with superior numbers and units. I think this makes the map more exciting to a degree but as it is it seems rather overboard with just how much it's stacked against the player. At some point it becomes a race of who can do more damage more quickly and without a way to refresh your characters unlike the enemy can with its Cameras if you don't poison them and their Cyber Boss it's very easy to lose this race. Those Rumbling Mutants can also very quickly take a monster down if they both line up a powerful Rumbling Charge while the Captain can be elusive to take down and slowly drain your HP pools with Psychic Beams as well. I think it's a bit excessive and often found I was stuck with attacks in my Mutants' hands I couldn't play, so I suggest changing the player's Mutant Gunner to a Cunning Mutant. This gives the player access to a way to refresh their Mutants, a way to deal with random handicaps and another character with Retaliatory Mutation, which is just fun to play around with, while also still having access to Rad Pulses and Shotgun attacks. I think that should make the map's difficulty more bearable but still tipped in favour of the enemy.

    The implementation of the goal as victory squares also seems rather unfair, each point the opponent gets from it brings them much closer to victory than a point does for the player and it's really annoying and underwhelming to lose the match due to victory terrain when you had the upper hand otherwise as happened to me once, so I suggest increasing Gary's victory point goal from 6 to 8.

    I think with a bit more polish to the map design and these two balance changes the map should be good as a first map for a MM module where a certain degree of wacky randomness is allowed.
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