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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by TheIvyX, Jan 1, 2018.

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    I'd like to use this thread to talk about the maps for the multiplayer ranked matches. You can view a list of all the maps here.

    Here are the current maps for ranked matches:

    Ice House (Ranked)

    Woodhome Blizzard (Ranked)


    Crundyup's Bridge (Ranked)


    Melting Glacier (Ranked)

    In my opinion, the maps feel very favorable for wizards, especially control ones. The maps are wide open for wizards to burst damage from far away. Items with damaging cards that have the Burst property are great if you're using wizards, including Blue Destruction, Staff Of A Million Embers/Barnum's Staff, and Searing Pain/Staff Of The Fire God.

    The maps also seem great for decks that focus on rushing and killing the opponent ASAP. The Rocket Charge card can be used very effectively due to the placement of the Victory Point tiles, notably on the Ice House map where the distance between the VP tiles (5 tiles) is perfect for charge cards.

    1/1/1 decks (1 warrior, 1 priest, 1 wizard) look playable in this rotation as well. I've pointed this out because this is my go-to deck and I've noticed that the team is weakest on small maps favored for warrior-heavy teams.

    I'd like to hear other people's opinions. I will also use this thread for future map rotations if people are interested.
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  2. I think that is because there are Xmas maps and have different conditions compared to normal ranked maps. See them as a different type of maps allowed for ranked. Also remember than the best team is usually the one that fight against the meta.
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    Don’t forget the melting glacier map too!

    I agree with your analysis that all of these maps are wizard friendly. There aren’t much blocking terrain covering the victory points and in all the maps except woodhome, there is a lot of room to run around warrior/priest teams, and if they split up to flank you, a wizard based team can take the opportunity to pick a 2v1 or 3v1 fight.

    Responding to Force, I’m not sure if the best team is the one that counters “the meta”. The meta, at least early season, is quickly changing, and is usually made up of too many parallel builds and play styles to counter effectively with one build. In my opinion, It’s better to study the maps tactically and come up with a solid, flexible team that sets the trend and make the opponent adjust to your style, rather than respond to whatever happens to be popular now.
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