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    I've read through the 70+ pages of the Card Ideas thread to bring you some interesting boost card ideas. Because reading through all of those pages is a daunting task and since we had begun repeating ourselves I'm creating several new threads. Warning: I've included lots of my own submissions. Feel free to post your boost card ideas here or at the Card Ideas thread. Or give corrections, quality suggestions, or slot suggestions to those posted.

    If you play a move card, cancel it and move 1, changing orientation to a random direction. Saving roll, 3+
    @Magic Elves
    (Compare with @WexMajor spatial instability, @xged dizzy, and @tolkien lost)

    Flight of the Phoenix
    Move 4 Fly. Any ally you end adjacent to Heal 3. Any enemy you end adjacent to takes 3 Fire Damage. Unblockable.

    Shoving Charge
    Move, warrior card.Move 5, must move in a straight line, after the move, if there is an enemy in the next square, deal 1 damage and targetslide back 1for each square moved, then move 1 square further, this can be blocked.

    False Move (on Boots, Move) Move 3, Halt Duration 1 (halt after move) (Paper)

    Berzerker's Charge (Boots or Human Skill, Move): Move 4 linear, At the end of the move, if there is a character in the next square, Character discards all blocks in hand. (Silver+)

    Type: Move
    Quality: emerald
    Move to a random unoccupied victory square. If there are no victory squares or no open victory squares move 1.
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    Caught up to page 80 in the card ideas thread. I think these might be viable.

    Kamikaze charge

    Move Card.
    Move in a straight line. At the end of the move, if there is a character in the next square, do 2 Crushing Melee damage to that character and yourself for every square moved. Unblockable.
    Move 5

    Hammer Charge
    Movement Melee Crushing
    Move 5 in a straight line. At the end of the move, if there is a character in the next square, do 1 Crushing Melee damage to that character for every square moved.
    If this damage is prevented in any way slide back as many spaces as damage prevented.

    Duplicate Self
    Move 3. Teleport.
    Create a clone on target square at the same time as you move. Range 3.
    Gold+ arcane item. Arcane skill. Robes.
    Hybrid movement/utility

    Clone: square is considered occupied with a zone of control. Clone is removed when targeted by an enemy or damaged. (Cards can be attached to clone. Clone is considered an ally.) Clone cannot gain or give victory points.

    Silver+ Quality
    Hybrid Movement/Assist
    Place yourself in a random square adjacent to the ally with the least health. Heal 3 that ally.

    Silver+ Quality
    Hybrid Movement/Assist
    Step 2. Heal 5. Range 1.

    Movement, gold quality
    Move 3. Each adjacent ally at the end of this move draws a card.

    Misty Step
    All tiles adjacent to you, including the one you're standing on, become Smoke terrain. Move 3, Teleport.
    One moment he was there, and then... Poof! Just smoke.

    Sudden Speed
    Silver Quality
    Move 1. Increase move by 1 for each card in hand.
    "I repent me of my sudden haste..." -Deveraux

    Move 2. Free Move. increase your move by 2 if you start your move next to an opponent.

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